Autumn’s Adventures

Bemus was a trip.
August 26, 2008, 5:07 am
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So begins my travels.  I am still in disbelief that this is actually happening — that I have put a hold on the trusty 9 to 5 to throw myself into unknown territory and leave all that I know behind.   I’ve slimmed my belongings down to two 60 pound suitcases containing such random items as a jar of peanut butter, a Dremel glass drill and cowboy boots.  One should never leave home without their cowboy boots or else they are committing a horrible sin.

Contrary to what some people think, my travels do not start in Argentina.  I begin my journey with a nostalgic week at home in beautiful Western New York.  I went to the Super Walmart and got lost for hours, loving the fact that I could buy everything I needed in one stop.  I also reveled in the scenery which included dozens of rednecks and their redneck babies piled up in a shopping cart.  I enjoyed the 75 degree weather with a perfect breeze and the smell of my neighbor’s cow manure and freshly cut grass.  My dad took me for a joy ride on his motorcycle around the lake and it made me ache for my own bike.  My next adventure will be a cross-country road trip with my dad on our bikes.  I hung out with my good high school friend, Jolene and finally experienced her driving a car after eight years of Jolene not even having a driver’s license.

On Tuesday I was driving through town just to see how much it had changed since I was home last and I saw an old boyfriend from high school walking down the street.  I did a double take and turned my car around to confirm that it was actually him.  It sure as hell was him and I was extremely happy to see him.  You see, this particular ex-boyfriend happens to be the hottest thing ever to be born and bred in Bemus Point, at least by my standards.  He is still the hottest guy I’ve ever dated in my 9 years of dating.  He was my first french kiss which happened to be on an over-sized wooden swing that my dad built near my tree house.  A moment couldn’t have been more perfect than that moment of sheer bliss with the hottest dude in town.  We only dated for 2 weeks but to me that was like tasting bacon for the first time — it didn’t take long for me to fall in love.  I embarrassingly pined for him for at least 8 months after we broke up and every time I see him I wonder if he remembers how much of a nut job I was in 8th grade.   I know now that we’d probably make a horrible couple because we aren’t really all that alike but I’d be willing to put that aside for he is too stunning to not want him by my side.  He is also an extremely nice guy, humble and unaware of his devilish good looks.  We ended up going to a few bars that night but I’m not going to go into details about that.  Let’s just say it was a fabulously good time and totally PG.


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