Autumn’s Adventures

Buenos Aires, Couch Surfing
September 4, 2008, 11:01 pm
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Today was my first day in Buenos Aires.  I spent most of the day on the 86 bus that I caught at the airport.  It was extremely cheap (1.5 pesos) and the view from the window was a treat for the eyes.  I arrived to my Couch Surfing host’s apartment around 4 p.m.  The place was very cute and quaint.  The first person I met was Anette, a stunning blonde from Sweden (duh) with a great sense of humor and killer bangs.  Fede, my CS host, followed shortly thereafter.  He was very kind and have a very inviting presence about him.  Lastly I met Fiona, the 6 month old iguana.  I knew there was going to be an iguana in the house but I expected it to be much bigger.  This one was no bigger than an anole or a gecko.  We all spent a while talking over coffee and pastries that Anette had bought for us.  I worried about my travel stench and hoped I was the only one that could smell the 24 hours of travel on my body.  I don’t know what it is about traveling long distances that makes me smell so horrid.  I call it the “old skin” smell (to make this nasty description even worse).  After the “coffee talk” I freshened up and drank some wine.  We went to Palermo Hollywood for dinner and beer.  I had the most mouth-watering quesadilla in all the world.  First off, it had BACON in it.  BACON.  Next, it had veal (only the most tender and lean in the world), and of course it had cheese.  Loads of it.  These are my three most favorite foods at the moment.  I ate that shit like it was heaven on a plate.  GODLY.  Now I lay in my blow-up bed thinking about how wonderful today was and how every day from this point on will probably be just as amazing.  At the restaurant it hit me — I’m here, I’m really here in Argentina and I’m actually doing what I said I wanted to do.  It is so easy — why did I ever wait?


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