Autumn’s Adventures

Girls, Girls, Girls, Wine, Wine, Wine…
September 5, 2008, 1:10 pm
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It is 4 am and I am just arriving back to Fede’s apartment after an evening with “the girls”.  I really love girls nights.  We drank about 5 or 6 bottles of wine between the 4 of us.  We all gathered at Anette’s apartment which was super cute.  She just got a new bright red couch that I am in love with.  I met Paulina, Jess and Sarah for the first time.  Jess and Sarah are both from California but different parts.  Paulina is an Argentine lawyer.  She and I had a lengthy discussion about Argentine politics and economics — she is a smart girl.  I really liked her personality and she kept the conversation interesting for hours.  If I were staying in Buenos Aires I would hang out with her a lot.  Sarah was only visiting for a few weeks and she wasn’t very lively because she had just spent 2 months in India and was exhausted.  Jess has been living in Buenos Aires for the past year and is returning to California in about 3 weeks.  Apparently she can understand castellano perfectly but refuses to speak in castellano and she only speaks in English.  I think that is just stupid but whatever.


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