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September 14, 2008, 2:01 pm
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Mamá Mercadal (the mom of the house I’m staying at) is humming to American music on the television.  It is so precious.  I want to keep my door open to listen to her but I also want to practice my castellano with Rosetta Stone.  Luckily, mamá sings a lot so I have plenty of opportunities to listen to her sing, or make funny noises.

This weekend was surprisingly productive for me.  I went to lunch on Saturday to profesor Alabí’s house and I met a potential house mate and potential place to live.  The woman I would live with is in her late 30’s or 40’s and is a psychologist.  She is very hip and very into culture and art and cool stuff.  She has a very intense look about her — very dark features and jet black hair.  Her house is amazing and exactly what I would want to live in.  It is a dream house to me.  It is built on a cliff overlooking the mountains.  There are multiple porches that go off of the house, one is attached to the room I´d be staying in.  The decor is from the 70´s.  From the furniture to the artwork on the walls to the cups we drink our coffee out of.   It is sheer perfection.  She has two Siamese cats that are really beautiful and there is a winding wooden staircase that leads down to the bedrooms.  The main living room has really high ceilings and huge windows that let in tons of light.  To rent a bedroom there would only be $200 (dollars not pesos) per month which is a really good price.  The woman has really good taste in music as well so I think we will get along just fine once I am able to talk to her.  Also, her house is a 5 minute walk from the city center so I will be able to walk a lot to get exercise versus taking a bus or taxi because I´m too far away.  I really don’t want to leave the Mercadal’s house but this place is cool and a good alternative if I do have to leave.  It is my understanding that I am only staying with the Mercadal’s temporarily but who knows what they think.  This is something I need to talk to them about once I am able to talk.

Today I went to “Centro” (what the city center is called) and I worked for about 4 hours.  I’m hoping to submit my hours so I can get my first fat paycheck as a remote worker.  This still feels like a vacation and not real life.  I wake up in the morning and lay in bed for at least 10 minutes thinking about how I’m going to spend my day (and how I’m going to talk to people once I get downstairs).  Sometimes I get a bit scared because right now my life has no boundaries.  There are no concrete expectations set for me.  I’m free as a bird and that is hellishly intimidating.


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I want pictures of this house! Do you think you will live with her??

Comment by llauren321

I don’t have any pictures of it but who knows. I may move in there. If I go there again I’ll take photos.

Comment by akbrookmire

[…] remember, this was the first house I saw when I first came to Jujuy.  The post about it is here.  I went to see the house again today and I really feel like I could make it my home.  I think I […]

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