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Making Friends
September 18, 2008, 2:13 pm
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I made two new girl friends today and I’m so happy about it.  There comes a sense of security with women friends that a girl can never find with her male friends.  I never have to worry about feelings developing or mixed signals.  I can say and do what I want without it being interpreted as something it isn’t.  Being in another country where the people speak a different language makes it even more difficult to know when you are being “too friendly” with a guy.  I also like the fact that these girls are more close to my age and they have steady jobs.  They are in the same boat as me.  When I hung out with my little sister’s friends they didn’t have any money and I had to act like the mommy and pay for everything (why I agreed to do such a thing I don’t even know).  It was really stupid.  I also met two girls from Holland at my favorite cafe, Carena.  I gave them my email so we could hang out since they are going to be in Jujuy for 3 months.  We’ll see how that develops.

My new friend’s names are Gabi and Pato (Gabiota and Patricia).  Gabi works with Mamá Mercadal at the private hospital and she also owns her own small business printing graphics on sportswear.  Pato works as an engineer at the engineering firm NOVA in Jujuy.  Seems legit to me.  They speak very little English which I am very happy about but they want to learn English and they want me to teach them so I am trying.  I am looking forward to hanging out with them a lot because they are really fun girls.


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