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The unknown herb that ruined it all…
September 19, 2008, 2:21 pm
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I had my second class today with professor Alabí.  She gave me the book, The Diary of Anne Frank, in castellano and I’m going to attempt to read it.  I started the book tonight and only got through two pages.  I understand most of it which is cool.  I’m hoping this will help me learn more words and some sentence structure.  After my lesson with Alabí we watched a bit of TV because the financial situation in the US right now is in the shits.  Alabí loves keeping up with American news and she is always watching American television.  She would correct me, though, and say she was watching “North American” television as she is also an American, just  a different kind.  She loves the New York accent because she says it sounds clean and nice.  She isn’t talking about Long Island New York, don’t worry.

I worked on my laptop in Carena for about 30 minutes.  I always like to try new things in restaurants so I ordered an ensalada Capresse.  It was a salad containing tomato, cheese and some type of herb called albahaca.  I put olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper on it but it still didn’t taste very good.  I think it was due to this unknown herb which I now know is sweet basil.  Also, the cheese wasn’t very good which was hard for me to take (as you all know I freaking love cheese).  I was so disappointed with my salad and I wished that I hadn’t ordered it.  After Carena I met up with Gabi at her small business.  We hung out there for a while and talked in Spanglish.

Gabi and I walked through Centro for a while and then we went to La Fiesta Nacional de los Estudiantes to watch the carrozas (floats).  Every September the students in the high schools all across Jujuy spend most of August and September building these elaborate floats and then they have a huge parade for two weekends in a row.  The floats are judged and the schools with the best floats get a trophy.  I bought some oreo cookies to feed the beast that is my belly and then we took Gabi’s moto to my house where we chilled and watched Duelo (of course), my new favorite program.  She is good company and I’m glad we are able to hang out so much now.


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