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Let’s dance until our feet fall off
September 22, 2008, 3:11 pm
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This weekend I hung out a lot with Gabi and Pato.  I stayed at the house all day Saturday being a bum.  I didn’t want to exert any energy because I wanted to save it all up for Saturday night since we were going out dancing until 7 in the morning.  I went to Gabi’s house at 11 pm and she had prepared pizza for us.  Pato and a handful of others were on there way — yay for me, I get to make more friends!

Gabi made me a drink consisting of some sweet white wine, sprite and lemon.  It was delicious.  Gabi lives with her mom, or rather her mom lives with her since her parents separated.  Gabi has a brother that is my age (and apparently likes me though he has never met me or seen a photo of me…so it goes) and he lives with the father.  The apartment is quaint and cute.

Pato showed up with another girl whose name I can’t remember and shortly after that three dudes arrived — Seba (Sebastian), Dani (Danielo) and Juan P.  They were very funny dudes always making bromas.  Even though I couldn’t understand a lot of what they were saying they still provided great entertainment for me.  We drank at Gabi’s until 2 am and then we headed to the boliche (dance club).  Just like it is lame to show up to a party before 10:30 pm, it is lame to show up to a club before 2 am.  It is normal to stay at a club until 6 or 8 am.  I’m very ok with these hours as I love to dance and to dance all night long is the best thing ever.  We went to a boliche called Akropolis.  It is a huge place that fits hundreds of people.  I bought a tall cervesa for 10 pesos (about $3).  I was already pretty toasted from Gabi’s house so I didn’t need much more alcohol to set me up for the night.  A band came on around 5:30 am that played American disco music.  I thought that was really funny.

A common type of music in Argentina is Cumbia.  That is what is played in the clubs along with Reggaeton, some American dance music and probably other forms of music that I don’t know yet.  Also, it is important to remember to bring tissue in your bra when going to the club (not to enhance the girls) because the bathrooms never have any toilet paper.  This was a tip I got from my sister that I can’t thank her enough for. I had a really fun time dancing all night long and I went to bed around 7:30 am.

I woke up around 1:30 pm, took a shower and went with Jose, my “host” brother, to a rock concert in the park.  It started at 3pm and I was there until around 9 pm.  I met up with Gabi, Pato, Seba, Dani and Juan around 5pm and we drank wine and coke.  Some of the bands were ok though I’m not really into spanish rock.  Gabi, Pato and I left the concert to get some eats.  We had lomito which is basically a hamburger but it has steak instead of a meat patty.  I’m into that.

I retired early because I needed to wake up at 7 am for class with Alabí.  Woohoo!


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Really love the blog so far. keep it up!

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