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Short trip to Salta
September 22, 2008, 5:34 pm
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I was up at 7am this morning and I have to admit it felt like I was facing death’s door.  I haven’t had to wake up that early in so long — I didn’t even wake up that early when I worked in the office at IHS.  My body just doesn’t agree with the early hours of the day yet.  Anyway, I got up early because I was supposed to go to a post graduate class at the university with professor Alabí but it got cancelled because there was a problem with the buses and students couldn’t get to the school.  I got dropped off by car so I didn’t get the message until I arrived at Alabí’s house.  Alabí doesn’t have my cell phone number yet so she couldn’t call me to tell me I didn’t need to wake up at the ass crack of dawn. Oh well.  We ended up having our normal class for an hour and then I went to Carena for a few hours.

I took a two hour nap when I returned home and then brewed myself a cup of instant coffee with powdered milk and powdered chocolate.  That is as good as it gets here for coffee but I don’t really mind it.

Tonight I went to Salta with Gabi because she had to go there to do things for her business.  We took a taxi to another type of taxi that cost us 20 pesos one way.  That is a pretty reasonable price considering the trip is about an hour long.  Papá Mercadal told me those taxis are illegal but I didn’t know that until after I got back.  Not that I care anyway because most things that are illegal shouldn’t be illegal in the first place.  We arrived around 9:30 – 10 and when Gabi was finished with her important work stuff we walked around to find food.  I’m getting a little better with my conversational castellano and I am understanding a lot more that I did a few days ago.  Gabi talks a lot and asks me a ton of questions so she is really making it easy for me to adapt faster.  I decided today that she is my new bestie in Jujuy.  She is definitely bestie material.  We got back to Jujuy around 2am and people were still hanging out at the movie theater near her work.  Argentines are definitely night owls…


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