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Oh Pájaro!
September 25, 2008, 7:10 pm
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Today I almost lost my beloved pájaro sweatshirt that I bought from the feria my first week in Jujuy.  I dropped it on the sidewalk on my way to Carena.  Luckily I realized I dropped it before it was too late.  For those who don’t know, a feria is esentially a market.  There are specific ferias like the one I went to that is outdoors, under tents and is huge.  They have all sorts of things but the majority of the stuff being sold there is second hand clothing from the US.  It’s like a giant outdoor Salvation Army.  See the photo below — freedom is everywhere, even at the feria (on a dirty old tie)…

I had the best medialunas with cheese at Carena.  I ordered one and then ordered two more because they were so delicious.  I would have ordered five more had they not been a dollar a piece and smaller than the palm of my hand.  I’m going to buy a bunch of medialunas at the bakery and cheese from the supermarket and make them at my house.  Medialunas are sweet croissants so the sweet and the salt were the perfect combination.  HEAVEN in the palm of my hand.

I hung out at Gabi’s work for a few hours and Dani was there as well.  We chatted it up as much as I was able and we drank mate.  I’m starting to get used to the taste of mate to the point where I don’t flinch anymore.  As long as it has sugar in it I can handle it.  I tried to figure out whether or not I was going out with Gabi tomorrow night.  Last weekend we didn’t go out on Friday so I wanted to try and make sure we were this Friday.  I couldn’t really understand most of what she was saying but I think the gist of it was “I have to work all day so no.”  But when I left her store she told me to text her if I wanted to go dancing tomorrow.  I don’t know if she actually wants to go or is just willing to go if I want to go.  Maybe I’ll just see what the girls from Holland are doing and tag along with them for the night.  I’d rather hang out and speak Spanish though and these girls only speak English.  We’ll see.

Duelo sucked tonight because it was reggaeton ice-skating.  I don’t enjoy reggaeton dancing — it grosses me out (ffwd to min. 1:40 to see dancing).  It’s all fake humping and licking and grinding.  I can handle the thongs and boobs but I can’t handle them with the reggaeton dance combination.  Maybe this is a sign that I am getting older and I don’t appreciate what the young people do.  I’m hoping that is not the case and in fact this reggaeton dancing is actually disgusting to most people.

With my failed attempt to watch Duelo I tried to watch a burned DVD of Jose’s.  It didn’t work in my computer so I think this means I’m just going to bed early tonight.  I may read for a bit and write some letters if I feel inspired.


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That reggaeton dancing is ridiculous! Like soft core porn on a stage. I love your post though :).

Comment by Lizzy

I sometimes watch this dancing with my host parents and I feel totally weird. I don´t know how they can stomach it if I can´t. Totally uncomfortable for me…haha

Comment by akbrookmire

Do they still have El Sodero de mi Vida on TV there? Argentine soaps were the best!

Comment by Bob

Probably. I watch this one Mexican soap but I can´t remember the name. I bet you did love the soaps….hahaha

Comment by akbrookmire

Yeah well when you have 5 hours between dinner and going out, you have to occupy yourself somehow.

Comment by Bob

Es Verdad!

Comment by akbrookmire

I love how at the end of “having sex” with that girl on stage he also manages to physically abuse her but pushing her to the floor. That’s what I do with my strippers 😉

Comment by llauren321

Hahaha apparently they like it rough, as I have now learned so do you. haha

Comment by akbrookmire

damn, if I spy a “freedom” tie like that in your pic I may just have to start rockin them.

Comment by pete

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