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Couch Surfer in Jujuy
October 6, 2008, 8:42 pm
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My first Couch Surfing person (commonly referred to as a CSer) came to Jujuy today.  He isn’t staying on my couch but he will be staying in a hostel until Thursday of next week.  Couch Surfing is a network of people that open up their lives and sometimes their couches to travelers that want a different experience than just the normal hotel or hostel experience.  It isn’t about having a free place to crash but rather it is an invitation to see a country or a city through a native’s eyes.  I have unofficially been a “Couch Surfer” for a while now, for example, meeting an Icelandic guy on an airplane and visiting him and his family for a weekend a few months later.  Any opportunity I have to see a new place and make a new friend, I jump on it.  I’ve never been the hotel-type when I travel internationally, although I do enjoy a nice boutique hotel when I’m traveling in the states (thanks to my older sister, I am forever spoiled.).  If you aren’t a part of the Couch Surfing network yet, I highly recommend it.  As a single woman who frequently travels alone, I trust this site and think it is a great, safe way to travel.

But let us return to my CSer, Javier Fernandez.  We met up for coffee as soon as he arrived and I helped him find a hostel.  We then walked around town for a few hours until I went to class with Alabi.  Javier is a freelance translator so for our first few hours we only spoke in English.  It is so easy for me to default to English when I know the person can understand me.  He kept trying to help me practice my Castellano, and a few times we were successful, but mostly we spoke in English so as not to be confused.  When we went out on Friday and Saturday night, he became my unofficial translator for all of my spanish-speaking friends.  It was nice for me to understand everything for once and I’m sure my friends were grateful to Javier for helping them communicate with me.

On Friday Javier introduced me to another local CSer, a girl named Norma.  She is cool, very nice from what I can tell.  We all went dancing at La Peluqueria.  I am hoping that her and I will hang out more in the coming months because I can always use more girl friends.

I was also contacted by another local CSer but it was a dude.  At the moment I’m kind of burnt out on the dudes, even if they just want to be my friend so I haven’t really pushed on with this CSer.  This past week has been full of dudes everywhere, wanting my email, number, my attention.  It’s not the dream I thought it would be, where the attention really boosts my ego and I go on a zillion dates or at least feel like the prettiest bell at the ball.  No, this is too annoying to be enjoyable.  I am happy with my two guy friends right now, Seba and Dani because they don’t make me feel uncomfortable and they treat me like a person and not just a chick with a “pretty face” (this is what they say, I’m not making up my own piropos here).  In a sea of pelotudos (a’holes) I would like to find one caballero to call my own.  This is my needle in the haystack challenge.  It is a challenge that every woman faces and it sometimes takes years.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress…


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zarpado means “outrageous” “completely awesome” “really cool”

not a’hole 🙂
a’hole would be “pelotudo/a” 🙂
lov eu

Comment by amber

ok ok it was explained to me wrong. Jose said it was when someone goes above and beyond, either in a good or bad way, but more often in a bad way, like they cross the line.

I’ll have to edit my post. BOLLOCKS.

Comment by akbrookmire

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