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The Verb Coger
October 7, 2008, 9:19 pm
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This morning in class with Alabí I learned a new bad word.  For this class I translate English text into Castellano so when it came time to translate the word “seized” I wrote (with pure innocence) “cogieron”.  That would be correct if I were in Spain but in Argentina that means “They fucked.”  Oops.  My teacher tried not to laugh and spelled out the word “F-U-C-K” versus saying it out loud in her explanation as to why that was wrong.  I think in the back of my brain I knew that meant fuck but I forgot.

Today I joined a gym to maintain some sort of healthy lifestyle here.  It only costs 50 pesos ($17) to go twice a week for a month.  Not too shabby.  Had I wanted to use the treadmill, though, it would have cost me $75 pesos a month.  How strange.  I worked out for about an hour and it felt really good.  I’m not where I used to be in terms of strength and endurance but I hope to build that back up.  I am also starting yoga twice a week beginning tomorrow.  That only costs me 100 pesos a month ($30) for twice a week and the studio is really beautiful and big.  My yoga instructor is also the dentist to my host brother and sister.

Tomorrow is a feriado celebrating the Virgin Mary so me and my friends are going to get drunk in the park.  I love that they celebrate a religious holiday by getting drunk versus going to church.  I’m not complaining…


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Reminds me of the time I was on a train in, a Spanish train.. and a very nice family insisted that I coger some of their lunch because I looked hungry.

Comment by Bob

haha and did you know the verb in the Argentine way? haha

Comment by akbrookmire

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