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Death Slap
October 13, 2008, 10:18 pm
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It was a slow day here for me.  Much slower than I was hoping it would be.  I had class early in the morning and then I met up for coffee with my new friend Glenda Lobo.  She speaks English and Castellano so we spent about 5 hours talking in English at a cafe.  It is very hard for me to talk in castellano with someone when I know they can speak English.  One of the hardest things for me here is being understood so when I have a chance to communicate something to someone on “the other side” (castellano side) I just do it in English.  I know I should be taking the opportunity to talk to them in Castellano but whatever.  At this point I’m just happy to have someone understand me at all.

From 8am – 4pm all I had to eat was a piece of bread, some coffee and some medialunas.  I was starving and exhausted by the time I parted ways with Glenda.  My body was so weak that I could barely make it home on the bus.  Luckily when I arrived home lunch was ready and waiting for me on the table.  Right after I was done eating I thought I was going to collapse.  I was dizzy and my body felt heavy.  I waited a few minutes for everyone to finish eating and then I stumbled upstairs to pass out on my bed.  When I woke up 2 hours later my body ached, I was hot and my throat hurt.  I wanted to go to the gym but instead I laid on the couch and watched a movie.  I told mama Mercadal that I wasn’t feeling well so she put my forehead on her cheeks to check my temperature. She said I had a fever and gave me some medicine to bring it down.  I laid on the couch for another 3 or 4 hours and then felt much better.

Mama made these beans with herbs and dressing that she called poroto.  After looking up the definition I realize now she was just calling them what they were, kidney beans.  It was freaking delicious.  She has been cooking like a mad woman because she is sending a giant box of home cooked meals to her eldest son, Guillermo, who is studying in another province.  It reminded me of when my mom would make me my favorite meals in bulk and bring them to me when she visited me in college.  Now I have a family that makes home cooked meals for me every day.  I’m so spoiled.


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