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The Hunt Begins
October 23, 2008, 9:44 am
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A few days ago papa told me that I would need to find a place of my own in December because their other 2 children are coming home for the holidays as well as their old host daughter (the one before my sister) and her husband.  The house would be too full for all of us.  I’m actually totally fine with this deadline because I was planning on moving out in December anyway.  This gives me 2 months to look for a place to live.  All of my friends are going to help me look for a place which will be really nice because I don’t know how I’d manage on my own.  I’m still considering living with Leila (the 70’s decor apartment that I saw the first week I was here) but I don’t want to settle on the first thing I see without comparing it to my other options.  I’ve been told there are not very many options here for renting so we’ll see what I come up with.  When I asked my friends about posting a notice in the colleges to see if I could live with student, they said I wouldn’t want to do that because all of the students are socialists and they know how I feel about socialists. haha.  In the beginning, I was set on living with someone because I wanted a person to talk to in castellano but now I’m thinking that living alone won’t be that bad.


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