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Socialists and Communists
October 26, 2008, 10:14 am
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So far I have had 2 political conversations in castellano that I didn’t want to have.  On Saturday, I had a conversation at 7am in the back of a car on my way home from the boliche with a socialist.  I don’t know how the conversation began but it took me by surprise and I had no idea how to communicate my argument of freedom to him in castellano.  It didn’t matter though because he was so stuck in his way of thinking that nothing I would have said would have made a difference anyway, it was like talking to a wall.

A week later, at my favorite karaoke bar, I spent the entire night hanging out with my friends and I met a new friend.  His nickname was Sapito (froggy), he was funny, a little bit emo and we all had a great time together.  I decided at around 3am that I wanted to go dancing at La Peluqeria because all of my other friends were there and half of my friends at karaoke had already left.  Sapito asked if I wanted someone to walk me to La Peluqeria and I wasn’t exactly sure how to get there from the Karaoke bar so I said ok.  I don’t know how but on the walk to Pelu he started talking about Communism and telling me how he is a communist.  I had to refrain from dropping my jaw to the ground.  I couldn’t believe I was talking to an actual communist.  This was my first communist-in-the-flesh ever!  The way he talked about communism was so passionate it was scary.  I politely told him that we could talk about this some other time, which I never intend to do.

I left DC and came to Argentina to escape talking about politics.  Every potential guy I met always wanted to talk about politics and everything was centered around politics.  I didn’t realize that it would be the same here as well except way more leftist.  I’m currently drafting a response in castellano that says “I’m not political, I don’t like politics, Let’s change the subject.”  I hope it works.


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