Autumn’s Adventures

October 27, 2008, 10:17 am
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This morning after my class at the university I told Alabi that I wouldn’t be taking private classes with her anymore.  I think she took it pretty well but I can’t tell because she is not the type of person to show emotion.  I told her that I still want to spend time with her because I think she is a great person so we will be having lunch this Saturday.  She’s also going to invite Leila so I can talk to her and ask her more questions about the apartment.

I have decided that Glenda is my new best friend here.  I thought Gabi was but she never hangs out with me so I can’t really say we are besties.  Also, Glenda speaks English so we are able to understand each other and get to know each other better.  Glenda introduced me to her friend Gabi (different Gabi than mine). Gabi #2 also speaks English and has a lot of time to hang out with me so we decided to go look at apartments together.  She took me to a type of house called a pension where I could rent out a room in a big house that shares the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry.  I was hesitant because I expected it to be like a sorority house or some type of socialist living situation.  I’ve already been in that situation with my old college roommates so no thank you.  I’ve learned from my mistakes.

We arrive at the pension and it was a beautiful antique house.  I was sold.  Pensions can either house only women, only men or both.  This one was just for women.  Unfortunately there were no private rooms available and I didn’t want to share a room.  We checked out another pension and I fell in love with it.  You walk in and there is a long hallway.  On one side are the bedrooms and the bathrooms, on the other side is a sitting room, the kitchen and an open courtyard with flowers and trees climbing the walls.  In this courtyard you can also dry your clothes on the clothesline.  The house is antique so everything is perfectly amazing.  The price of the private room was 430 pesos per month which is $143.  Niceeee.  I found out later though that you can’t have guys stay over. I wasn’t happy about that.  Not that I plan to have tons of company, but I do want to keep my options open in case I find a boyfriend.  At this point it isn’t a deal breaker because I don’t have that many options but it really urks me that I would be paying to be living in a pseudo nunery.  There are always ways around the rules, though…


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