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November 9, 2008, 8:56 am
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If I have learned anything about the Argentine’s that I have come to know, the four most known things are:
1. Argentine’s never have credit for their cell phones.
2. Almost all Argentine’s smoke cigarettes but almost none of them have a lighter and must always ask for “fuego”.
3. Argentine’s never have any money when it comes time to go out on the weekend yet all week they talk about going out on the weekend never once mentioning that they may be without cash when this time comes.
4.  Argentine’s change their plans at the very last minute or they don’t have a plan until 5 minutes before they decide to do it and they aren’t very good about updating you with the change of plans because they are usually out of credit.

Three out of these four things are kind of an inconvenience for me because my friends are my life blood and when they can’t go out or they change their plans on me I’m stuck with nothing to do but sit home and watch tv.  This is probably the hardest cultural thing for me to get used to because I rely heavily on my friends to show me new things and practice castellano with me.  I’m still trying to figure out a way around these problems but so far I don’t have a simple solution.


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shit, i am with you. that would drive me insane. going with the flow is very, very hard when you have no clue what is going on. garrr!

Comment by ellie

Hmm, have you tried going out alone? A lot of people are uncomfortable going out alone but it forces you to make new friends very quickly.

Once you can go out alone confidently, you never have to be alone!

Comment by Bob

I haven’t gone out alone here yet because I still don’t feel confident with the language. I don’t have a problem doing things alone. The only real problem is that I’m a girl and usually when I put myself out there, especially alone, I open myself up for a shitload of single dudes that I don’t necessarily want to deal with. That would be cool if I wanted to get hit on but if I just want to make friends I have to weed through the boludos…haha

maybe when you come to visit we can go out together and I can pretend you are my boif and that way i can meet people without the fear of getting hit on. 😉

Comment by admin

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