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Mis tetas son pesadas
November 13, 2008, 9:09 am
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For dinner tonight I tried two new empanadas – llama meat and goat cheese.  Llama tastes a tad gamey like goat meat.  Not sure how much I like it.  I definitely don’t like goat meat but I did like the goat cheese empanadas.  I think my body is starting to accept all types of weird cheeses.  About 5 months ago I tried a piece of my roommate’s bleu cheese and it tasted like a care bear had sprinkled joy on my tongue.  It was like discovering a new world. My eyes went wide and my mouth begged me to go to Trader Joe’s the next day to buy myself a huge block of this cheese.  After 5 months I’m still very much in love with bleu cheese and my favorite pizza in Argentina has bleu cheese in it.

I went to Jose’s house with Glenda and for about 20 minutes his parent’s looked up the word for “corn on the cob” in castellano.  They literally had 3 or 4 dictionaries out looking up the word.  The reason they were looking up corn on the cob is because they had a bowl full of dried indian corn and they were explaining to me that it came from his father’s province.  I think the word for it is Mazclea but I can’t remember.  At the end of the night they gave me a stalk of corn on the cob as a gift.  It was pretty fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed Jose’s family because they were really hilarious.  His mom was trying to sell me bra’s and perfume from a Mary Kay type of catalog.  I told her that “mis tetas son pesadas” and we all had a good laugh about it.


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