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El Dique
December 1, 2008, 10:41 am
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Sunday afternoon I’m chatting away on Skype with my sister when I get a text from Gabi saying, “Keres ir al dike?”  I said to myself…what the hell is “dike”?  First I should explain that Argentine’s, like Americans, shorten and change the way things are spelled.  “Keres” is “Quieres” and I found out later that “Dike” is “Dique”, short for “El Dique” one of the lakes that is right outside the town El Carmen.

When I called Gabi to find out what Dike was she said something about water so my normal response was “vamos a nadar??” (are we going swimming) and she said replied with a laugh, “no, hoy es feo para nadar !” (today is not good for swimming)  Apparently I had no idea what we were doing or what Dike was but I said yes to it anyway. I’m supposed to trust my friends and where they are taking me, right?  Asking questions is just silly. I was just happy that they thought to invite me and called me. Totally unexpected.

20 minutes later Seba picked me up in the car with Dani and a new puppy!  The puppy was Seba’s and it’s name I think is “Casi Sol” which means “Almost Sun”.  Interesting…they kept referring to it in the feminine but it was clearly a boy puppy. I was confused but whatever.  It was a cute ball of fur and I was all about it.

We picked Gabi up and she went Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs over this puppy.  After about 5 minutes of the puppy being in her lap he peed on her. I just about DIED it was so funny.

We drove for about an hour and then stopped to watch some cars race around a track.  We got there at the very end so we only watched for 5 minutes, then we left.  We finally arrived at the lake and we set up our blanket and whipped out some mate.  Literally 5 minutes after we set up it started to rain. Then it started raining harder so we packed everything back up and got back in the car.  We waited for about 10 minutes but the rain was not letting up.  We decided to leave and drive all the way back home.  We went to Dani’s house to drink some mate and hang out for a while and then we all parted ways.  It was an uneventful but fun time in the car.

To see more photos of the day, check out my flickr page, located in my side bar.


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