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Living in a Triangle
December 16, 2008, 12:06 pm
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Literally. My new room is the shape of a triangle.  I have never encountered a room shaped like this.  I love it.  Yes, the corners are a bit dark but I’ll fix that with a nice little lamp.
Today I moved out of the Mercadal’s house and into my new living space — a nice big house in a beautiful neighborhood with a view that overlooks the entire city from a cliff.  The house is built on cement posts cascading down a cliff.
It definitely felt weird walking out of the Mercadal’s house knowing I wouldn’t be going back there to sleep again.  No one was in the house when I left, they were all at school or work.  There were not long goodbyes, I was only moving a few minutes away so there was no reason for tears.  Mama gave me a big hug and told me she would tell me when she was going to the ferias or to shop in Bolivia.  That comforted me because I love going shopping with her.
They also invited me to christmas dinner with them so I won’t be stranded for the holidays.
Unlike my other experiences with moving from house to house, or apartment to apartment, this one was low key.  I only had a trunk full of stuff and I wasn’t scrambling up until the last minute to stuff things into random bags and boxes.  I was all packed up the night before and I even had time to enjoy a movie before I fell asleep.  It was the most tranquil move I’ve ever had.
I arrived at Laila’s house (now my house too) at around 3pm and by 6pm I was finished unpacking all of my things.  I could fit most of my clothes in the tiny dresser in my room but I’ll still need to figure out what to do with my dresses, jeans and sweatshirts.  There is no closet in my triangle room.  Any creative suggestions as to how I can store these clothes for easy, daily access would be welcomed.
Laila left the house around 7pm and I walked around taking photos of the house that you can see here on my flickr page.  I also explored cupboards, checked out what the shower looked like and laid on my bed staring at the walls, trying to get used to the 3 new walls that will house me for the next undetermined amount of time.
Currently, the house is serving as an art studio for Laila’s friends.  There are at least 2 dozen pieces of art on the walls labeled with post-its indicating what it is.  Most of the artwork is the glass work that I used to do in Washington DC.  When I got to the house today I asked her who did the glass art and she pointed to the woman who was sitting on her couch.  HOLY CRAP.  I immediately asked her if she could teach me or I could do glass with her. She said she didn’t have a studio right now, that she was doing it out of her tiny apartment and couldn’t teach me in that space but that she would let me know as soon as she got a better space.  All is not lost!  I’m so happy that Laila is surrounded by art and artists.  It will be very inspiring for me and keep me occupied so I don’t get in another pointless non-relationship with another non-commital boy.
The Holland girls came over at 8pm so they could see my new house. They fell in love with it and told me over and over again how much they were jealous.  I’m hoping that will make them want to come back here to live.  They have really become my great friends.
I went out to dinner with the girls and afterwords we went to Bonafide for some dessert. Laila ended up being there so I got to go home with her and not walk home in the dark or pay for a taxi.  So far day one in the casa nueva is buenissimo!


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