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December 17, 2008, 12:36 pm
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Last night it took me a while to fall asleep. I tried to lay in all different positions, even with my feet in one corner of the bed and my head in the opposite corner.  What’s that called? Diagonal? It doesn’t matter… Nothing was working. I think it was a combination of eating a huge dinner with the Holland girls and then drinking coffee and having a big piece of chocolate cake with them right before bed.  Also it always takes me a few days to get comfortable with a new bed, no matter how comfortable it is.  Luckily this new bed is comfortable and big. Big enough for two people, although I am not hopeful that I will fill the other side with anyone but family and friends at this point in my life.
I woke up in the morning around 9 am to the doorbell ringing.  I was hoping that Laila was in the house so that I didn’t have to answer the door. I don’t think I would have anyway because I was barely dressed and barely awake.  I hate when random things wake me up when I’m not ready to wake up so I fell back asleep for 2 more hours. I love that I still have the ability to go back to sleep whenever I want.
When I finally did drag myself out of bed at 11 am I got dressed, got my stuff ready to go to the cafe and work, and went upstairs.  When I got into the kitchen I saw an entire breakfast spread laid out for me.  There was a whole mango, different types of breads, jam, cream, and tea.  I had completely forgotten that breakfast was included in my rent and I had definitely not expected it to be set out for me, waiting for me so beautifully like that.  It was a really nice surprise.  We’ll see if this is how it is every day. If so, I could definitely get used to it.
I worked all morning in Bonafide and then went to yoga (finally!) after not going for an entire week.  Those English exams really sucked up my free time last week and I didn’t like it.  I’d much prefer to spend my time in pigeon pose than listen to Argentine teens struggle through an oral exam that they obviously didn’t study for.
It started to downpour in the middle of yoga so after yoga, as it still rained terribly, I ran to a cafe to work some more and wait for the rain to let up.  I had to go grocery shopping so when the rain finally stopped I headed to the closest grocery store and shopped for almost 2 hours.  I was in grocery heaven.  I bought simple foods: cold cuts, lots of cheese, bread, frozen veggies…etc.  As I was browsing the tuna selection I heard someone speaking in English behind me.  I turned around to find two girls.  I asked them where they were from and they told me “buenos aires and texas”. Strange.  It wasn’t until 4 minutes into the conversation that I looked down and saw they were wearing name tags for jesus christ.  I was talking to mormon missionaries!  They didn’t try to recruit me but they did invite me to a party at the church on Friday.  I will not be attending but it was kind of them to invite me.
Later on I went to Gabi’s business to finally see her and catch up with her.  She told me that she had hung out with Dani on Sunday and talked about us.  A little situation happened on Saturday — I witnessed Dani making out with another girl literally 5 feet from me in the club.  I was a tad bit furious for a few days.  Gabi told me that yes, it was bad but it was what I needed to get over him.  She also said that staying mad at him was only going to hurt me and not him and that it was best to just get over it and move on and be friends again.  He didn’t do it to hurt my feelings so I shouldn’t take it personally.  Whatever.  She is partially right but I still think it is totally lame that he disrespected me so soon after we stopped being amigovios. I mean, it was only a week ago that we had that conversation about just being friends again!  He could have at least taken his little face-sucking session into the next room, out of my sight.  Guys are so…not cool sometimes.  Oh well, “ya fue”.

Gabi lives in the same neighborhood as me so she took me home on her moto.  First we stopped at the video store because I was in the mood to watch a movie and I was without TV or internet in my new house.  It’s almost like living in the stone age.  I rented “Children of Men” or “Ninos del Hombres”.  I’ve been wanting to see that movie for quite  some time.  I liked it.  The video store and other cute stores are only 4 blocks from my house.  Sweet!  I really think I am going to like living in Ciudad de Nieva.


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