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Surprise, Surprise!
December 19, 2008, 3:10 pm
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Siabhann any Laila

Siabhann and Laila

Last night when Laila finally got home around 2:45 am she asked me where I was going to sleep this coming week.  I was a bit surprised.  I said, well…here. She has been telling me from day one that Siabhann (the girl who used to live in this house and who is from London), was coming to stay here for a week.  Apparently what I didn’t pick up on this whole time was that she was supposed to sleep in my room with her boyfriend and I was supposed to find another place to sleep for the week.  Laila told me that she wasn’t charging me for the week that Siabhann was here because she told me that Siabhann needed the room.  I hate only getting half the message. That is what sucks about not knowing the language yet, you miss out on important details like this.  So I told her that I couldn’t go back to the Mercadal’s because their kids are home now and I also told her that I don’t have a boyfriend to stay with and all of my friends live in barrios really far away or the ones that live close don’t have accommodations for me.  She said that was fine and that they would arrange something for Siabhann. I believe she is still staying in my room with her boyfriend but that I am also staying in there too.  Awkward.  We’ll see what happens this week.  I’m hoping that when Siabhann gets here she can explain to me what the hell is going on.
When I woke up this morning I was ready to install my wireless router and begin downloading television shows.  I texted Laila to see if I could go into her room while she was not there because the computer and modem were in her room.  She wrote back “Si, por supuesto, aunque este Joaquin”.  “Yes, of course, although Joaquin is there”.  Joaquin is one of her 2 twins, 26 year old sons.  He wasn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow so I was confused as to what she meant even though it was clear.  I knocked on the door and walked in and sure enough there was Joaquin laying in the bed fast asleep at 1pm. For a split second I thought it was a lover of Laila’s and panicked but then remembered her message about Joaquin.  I ended up not setting up the router with him in there…it would have been an awkward first encounter to have him wake up to me on the computer.
I headed to yoga and ended up falling asleep in yoga.  How does this happen, you ask? Easily.  In the beginning and end of yoga we have “relaxation” where we lay in the death pose (there is another more appropriate word for this but I forget it at the moment).  For some reason, the relaxation period lasted for more than 5 minutes and I ended up falling asleep.  This happens sometimes with people in class so the instructor comes over and grabs their ankles to gently wake them.  Well I was in such a weird state of sleep that I just thought he was readjusting my posture, which he also sometimes does.  Then he started moving my arms.  I was getting confused and finally he was like “Autumn wake up” haha.  Awkward!  After class my yoga mates started making fun of me for falling asleep and not being able to wake up.  I am still laughing about it hours later.
When I got home, I walked into my room and it still smelled like cat shit.  The maid had washed the spots on the rug with ammonia where the cat had left his shit. I also bought some carpet cleaner and some air freshener.  Nothing was getting rid of the rancid smell.  I concluded that there must be more shit somewhere so I started to investigate.  Surely enough there was a giant pile of not only shit but a dead rat under my bed as well.  I grabbed Joaquin who was now awake and asked him if he could help me take care of this because it was just too disgusting to deal with.  He cleaned it up for me. Now the smell is all gone and I’ve learned my lesson not to leave my door open when I leave the house.

Later in the evening I went with my friend Glenda to Bonafide and guess who I met?!?!  Robert Duvall.  He was there with his jujena wife of 10 years (she’s only 35ish) and his sister in law (she is around 25).  My friend knew the sister-in-law because they went to high school together so we went over to talk to her. While my friend talked to her friend I struck up a conversation with Robert.  His wife was not pleased as I’m sure people do this to him all of the time and he is old and hard of hearing and whatever.  I don’t care though, that is the price you pay for being a celebrity (or a celebrity’s spouse).  Robert was super nice and down to earth.  I didn’t get a photo with him because I don’t like that awkward situation.  Who knew I would meet a famous actor in my favorite cafe in JUJUY?!?! The luck!


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