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El Domingo Lleno
December 21, 2008, 3:31 pm
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What a full Sunday today was.  Everything seemed to fall into place — the flow of the day was amazing.  I woke up around 1pm and arranged to go to el dique with Gabi because it was a beautiful day.  She decided that we would take her moto there. I was so excited for this because it meant a longer motorcycle ride than our normal short rides through centro. 
I absolutely love riding motorcycles through the country side.  That is one thing I always do when I go home and visit my family in New York.  My dad has a motorcycle and for the past few years it has been a normal thing for us to take rides around the lake.  Once a year he would come visit me in DC on his motorcycle and we’d ride through Virginia (Skyline Drive).  For a while I was set on buying a motorcycle but then my attention switched to Argentina so having a motorcycle didn’t seem practical at this point in my life.
When we got to el dique I thought we were going to swim IN the dique (a lake) but as it turns out there are pools next to every dique so we went to the pool instead and just had a beautiful view of lake and mountains while we were swimming.  I much prefer swimming in a pool because I can see what I’m swimming in.  The pool was huge and the water was the perfect temperature.  I jumped in before I put on any sunscreen and I got an immediate tan. My laser lady isn’t going to like it when I show up for my appointment with tan legs. She’s already yelled at me once about it but I can’t help it — it is so hot here sometimes that the pool is the only solution.  And I’m really lazy when it comes to applying sunscreen. I just hate doing it. (For those family members that will be reading this, yes I already know the dangers of not putting on sunscreen so you can spare me the lecture.)  I did end up putting it on right after I got out of the pool but at that point the sun had disappeared behind the clouds.
We ate empanadas and sweet crackers and just relaxed.  It was wonderful.  My friend wore a thong bikini and I was jealous. I just can’t picture myself in a thong bikini — I don’t think I have the body to pull it off.  Also, I don’t like wearing thongs normally so I don’t see how I would like a thong bikini.  But still, I was jealous.  It seemed like one more thing that would complete my Argentine experience — drinking mate and wearing a thong bikini.  Oh yeah, and having a mullet and a camel toe (guys and girls) is very common in Argentina.
It started to rain so we packed up our stuff and headed for home.  The whole way home it rained. It was quite miserable to be on a moto at that time but surprisingly I didn’t get that wet.
When I got home Joaquin was in the house with his friend.  I went to take a nice hot shower to warm up from the cold ride home.  When I got out of the shower everyone was home so I quickly got ready.  I was half dressed and my bottom half was wrapped in a towel as I went to grab my jeans from the other room.  When I came out of the other room there was an amazingly beautiful dude standing before me.  I stuttered and was partially embarrassed for being wrapped in a towel.  We greeted each other and said a few small words and I escaped to my room with a red face to go put my pants on.  This guy was a friend of Joaquin’s and I couldn’t stop staring at him all night.  Oh the joy of eye candy.
There were tons of people in the house this afternoon and it was so great.  People came and went from 6pm to 2am and everyone was just chatting and listening to awesome music and having a great Sunday evening.   They were all friends of Laila and Joaquin.  It was raining like mad for the whole night and at some points the thunder was so loud and so close to the house that we all jumped out of our seats and were scared shitless.  It was insane thunder — I’ve never heard such loud thunder before in my life.   We ordered in pizza and lomitos which were both delicious.  We then drank champagne, probably toasting to the fact that Siabhann was visiting and that we didn’t die from the crashes of thunder.  I also smoked pot for the first time since I arrived down here.  The hot guy friend of Joaquin had a joint so we passed it around.
When everyone left, Laila, Siabhann, Joaquin and I had tea and chatted some more.  I cherish these moments where I can have late night talks with new people.  Laila is such a warm person and her home is so comfortable for me.  I haven’t felt lonely once since I arrived in the house.  This is the beginning of a beautiful new living experience, I can just tell.


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Yay! I just cruised down Skyline yesterday. Pretty solid, except there was some loose gravel on part of the road…

Comment by Pete

Damn I’m jealous. Cuidate! (be careful!) I don’t want you to die and I know that BMW bike is fast as shit.


Comment by admin

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