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Christmas Eve in Jujuy
December 24, 2008, 1:50 pm
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It is tradition to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve in Argentina.  There is a Christmas dinner around 9pm and then everyone goes out dancing at a boliche.  Usually there are big parties or special parties held in the boliches and the entrance to get in is much more than normal.  On Christmas day they have a low-key lunch and nothing more.  They open presents on Christmas Eve.

I had Christmas dinner with the Mercadal Family.  It was just the family and me, no extended relatives or friends.  It was nice and small.  It is tradition to eat chancho for Christmas dinner and drink champagne to celebrate.  Everyone sets off fireworks so it constantly sounds like gunshots are going off.  Igna, the youngest son of the Mercadal’s, set off some fireworks of his own in the street.  I gave the family the bazillion gifts that my family sent to them from the US and they gave me a gift as well (a set of PJs and my favorite chocolates, if anyone wondered).  It was totally nice.

For my night of Christmas mayhem I started it at a friends house party in San Pedrito.  I was all dolled up in a blue dress and I was ready to go out dancing, not stay in a small house party, so I only stayed there for about an hour and then I headed to Los Aromos, a big outdoor boliche that had multiple tents of music, a pool and other random stuff.  It cost 50 pesos to get in if I wanted the VIP status.  I didn’t know what that meant but I figured it was something good otherwise people wouldn’t pay for it.  The normal tickets cost only 30 pesos.  When I got inside I saw that the VIP status got me into a freaking ELECTRONIC MUSIC tent.  I can’t believe I spent 20 pesos more just for THAT!  Ya fue.  I ended up finding 10 pesos on the ground so that was nice.

I went to Los Aromos with Laila’s boys (sons of the woman I live with) and their guy friends.  Every single one of them paired off with a girl so I was left solo.  BAH!  I walked around a few times, which is where I found the 10 pesos, and I didn’t see a damned hot guy that I wanted to dance with.  I was a little bit bored but whatever.

We left Los Aromos at around 8:30 in the morning and didn’t get home until about 9:30.  When we got home we ate leftover chancho and other food from the christmas dinner. Mmm leftovers…


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