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New Boliche: Santino
December 24, 2008, 1:06 pm
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A new boliche opened up in Jujuy last night and I went to the opening night party.  When you walk in the entry hallway is white and there were girls dressed in sequin white dresses and silver platforms.  Everything was white and I felt like I should have worn all white instead of the blue silk tank top and dark jeans that I had on.  Ya fue, I still felt pretty.  Huge curtains separated the entry way from the main room, as you enter the main room you see that everything inside is also completely white with hints of silver.  There were two white beds on each side of the room as you entered, for cucharita, I suppose.  There were white couches and white tables and chairs.  There was a dance floor in the back with 5 different sized disco balls.  It was basically your typical lounge bar.  I expected people to be doing white coke off of the nice white tables but I guess you only see that in the movies.  The only downside about a lounge bar such as this one is the fact that they place electronic music and nothing else. I can’t dance to electronic music…it just doesn’t move me.

Because it was the opening night, they had free drinks for the first few hours.  Any drinks that you wanted. WOOHOO!  I had 2 or 3 Vodka with Speed (speed = red bull), then I moved onto beer and then to some Gancia.  I was nice and toasted and ready to face the terrible music that I couldn’t dance to.  Any amount of alcohol can get me to dance to just about anything.  They also had free appetizers that were super delish.


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