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Christmas Day in Jujuy
December 25, 2008, 2:09 pm
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For Christmas day I slept until about 2:30pm and then I went back to the Mercadal’s for Christmas lunch.  We ate the same thing we ate for Christmas dinner and it was still delicious.  We also had cake that mama made.

After lunch I was going to watch some of the Planet Earth DVDs with Jose that my mom gave me for Hanukkah but he had to go do something else so instead I watched a movie with Guille (both guys are the sons of the Mercadals).  We watched a comedy called “Lower Learning” and it was pretty funny.  Guille is home for the holidays, he lives and studies in Cordoba.  He is totally hilarious and I enjoy being around his jolly attitude.  He looks so much like Alice (mama mercadal) that it is crazy.  They have the same smile and the same laugh and the same devilish look when they crack a funny joke.

After the movie I went home to take a nap and let my body recover from the multiple consecutive days of partying that I have done this week.  Tomorrow is Friday and another day of partying.  Woohoo!


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