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Mi mozo de Papito
December 27, 2008, 1:35 pm
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I have been crushin’ on this cute waiter at Bonafide for about a month or more.  He’s got cute dimples and nice eyes.  After countless mini flirtations he finally asked for my number about a week ago.  He never called.  I saw him in Bonafide a few times after I gave him my number and nothing was said and nothing happened.  I figured he was either extremely shy or extremely busy OR he lost my number and was too afraid to ask for it again.  Today I was working on my laptop in Bonafide and as I went to pay my bill he came over to chat.   I asked him what he was doing tonight and he said nothing.  I said “But it is Saturday!”  and we had a laugh.  I had not thought to invite him out with me because I figured if he wanted to hang out he would invite me.  They waiter who was ringing up my bill encouraged him to go out with me tonight so I said “Do you want to go out dancing with me tonight?” And he said yes so we exchanged numbers and I told him that I would text him the details later on.  I knew he would be working until 2am or later so I waited until very late to text him.  He ended up never responding to my text messages and we never met up.  What a disappointment.  I don’t have the patience for a shy guy, especially when it makes it seem like they are sending mixed signals.  If he doesn’t have the balls to call me or text me back I’m not going to give him another second of attention.
The next day (Sunday) I get a text message from a different Bonafide waiter named Guille.  Apparently my hot waiter had given him my number because Guille wanted to be my friend. Fucking great.  I told Guille that sure, we could be friends but that I liked the other waiter (the hot one) and was only looking to be friends.  I am trying to be clearer with these guys because being vague opens up a lot of unwanted invitations.  He said he knew I liked “Gaby” (Gabriel, aka hot waiter) and he said he would help me “Make it happen” if I wanted his help because he is a good friend of my hot waiter’s.  I said no thanks, that if Gaby doesn’t have enough guts to like me on his own I don’t want to force it.  Oh well…and as I always seem to say here, “Ya fue“.


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