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December 28, 2008, 1:36 pm
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A friend of Laila’s sons has taken a liking to me, but nothing serious.  Let me explain.
His name is Fede and I’ve hung out with him so far only two times in the big group of guy friends that Joaquin and Leandro have.  The first time we hung out was on Christmas Eve at Los Aromos.  We danced but he wanted to dance like they do in the US (rubbing bodies and other awful dance moves that I’ve gladly left in the states).  I kept resisting and he kept getting frustrated like I was being a prude or something.  He kept saying “If I’m bothering you, let me know and i”ll leave you alone.”  I can’t remember if I said “I would like to dance with you but I don’t want to dance that way.”  I said that in some variation.  Anyway, he thought I wasn’t interested and I actually really wasn’t because he was a bit annoying so he left and I was left alone for the rest of the night.
Last night he came over to the house to hang out with the boys.  I put myself in one of those group conversations again so I was sitting there hanging out with all of them, not talking.  I made plans to go to Santino with the girls and asked Fede if he would drive me there if I paid him.  He agreed to do it for free but told me that all of the boys were going to Los Aromos again.  For some reason I decided to switch my plans and go to Los Aromos with them.  Probably because it is hard for me to pass up an evening with a ton of hot guys.
So we all went there and I had a good time dancing with all of the girl friends of the guys.  They are all super skinny and super pretty so it was a little intimidating to be the giant, big boobed, hourglass figured american girl among this sea of little women.  They were all very nice to me and made sure I was with them the whole time dancing and having fun.
Eventually Fede found me again but we didn’t dance together. Instead he insisted that we go back to my house and drink something.  Basically he was inviting me to drink something but also inviting himself to have sex with me.  I’ve become accustom to these “invitations” as I’ve gotten a few already.  I told him no, that I did not want to have sex with him and I paid 25 pesos to get into Los Aromos and I was not about to leave to have sex with him.  He responded with the typical answer I get here “Do you not like sex?”  NO, RETARD! I DO NOT LIKE YOU!  Why are some boys so unwilling to think that they are the reason girls say no and not because there is some defect with us?
Anyway, he kept going on and on about it for a good 30-40 minutes and I kept batting him down.  He couldn’t catch a hint even when I was being so direct with him.
The night ended with him giving me and another kid a ride home and him attacking my face for a kiss.  It was awful, like a dog was licking my face with his giant tongue.  I politely waited until I was outside of the car to wipe the saliva off of my face.  His final question for me as I exited the car was “So are we going to have sex now?”


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Great story Autumn. Keep em comin.

Comment by Morgan

This story reminds me of the Chris Rock bit: “can I can get you some dick? Would you like some dick? How about a little dick!?”

Our friend Fede gets an A for perseverance and an F for execution.

Comment by Bob

Haha I love your comments, guys. 🙂 Keep them coming.

Comment by admin

I like how you had to wipe saliva off your face. Ha.

Comment by ellie

Yeah, on more than one occasion here actually. haha

Comment by admin

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