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New Years and all that…
January 1, 2009, 9:20 pm
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So New Years Eve wasn’t a complete bust.  I embraced it as just another regular holiday and tried not to think of it as a super special occasion (even if I was dressed to the T and ready for something grand to happen).  I went to Glenda’s relative’s house for dinner which started at midnight.  We toasted when the clock struck twelve and a bunch of people were outside lighting fireworks for a good hour or so.  There were kids that were younger than 10 playing ALONE with fireworks outside.  I couldn’t believe it.  Glenda told me that there are a lot of casualties (adults and kids who get burned from fireworks).  She didn’t tell me if anyone died from playing with them. I wouldn’t be surprised.
Glenda bought me pink bombachas because it is a tradition to wear them when  the clock strikes twelve because it is supposed to bring good luck.  I didn’t end up putting them on.  She got me two pairs, a cute pair and a granny pair because I told her I don’t like to wear thongs.
After dinner we went a house party in in my neighborhood.  It was fun but I was itchin’ to go dancing somewhere because I was all dressed up.  At around 4:30 I went to Santino and met up with my friends Pato and Vale.  Santino was super full.  I saw Jose there, my “host” brother and we danced for a minute before he left.  I stayed there until about 7am and then I caught a cab home.
New Years Day I went to an asado at the Mercadal’s house and hung out with Guille and Jose watching movies until really late.  It started to rain so I wasn’t able to get any cabs to come to the house.  It’s really a pain in the ass when it rains because it seems like the cabs just disappear, like they are hiding from the rain.  I know it is the exact opposite though.  At the first drop of rain people flee for cabs and they are all completely full or they are driving through centro hoping to pick up people there.  Jose was able to take me home in the car luckily.  Had I needed to take the bus I would have just died.  Waiting for the bus in the rain at 11pm doesn’t seem like much fun to me. Especially when I have to then climb a huge flight of stairs to get to my house.


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An economist at my old job told me someone did a study on cab drivers’ behavior somewhere in the U.S., and they actually are out less in the rain even though it wouldn’t be long-term profit maximizing for them to go home. Cab drivers could make hella money on rainy days if they drove the whole day, but most cab drivers quit for the day once they’ve made a certain amount. So on rainy days they quit sooner because they’ve made their money, so there actually are fewer cabbies on the street. Really it would make pure economic sense for them to work a lot on rainy days and take time off on nice days when they can’t make money, but they don’t think like that. It’s a “Have a goal to make a certain amount each day” mentality not “Maximize money and free time.” The result is there are way too many cabs when no one wants them and you can’t find one once it’s been raining.

Comment by ellie

How bizarre. I totally want to be a cab driver in my lifetime. I’m probably going to do it. I think it would be totally fun and I’ll make a shit ton of money in the rain! hehe

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