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January 10, 2009, 8:23 pm
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Today I woke up at 2:30, showered, and decided that I was going to do some late “spring” cleaning of my new house.  I love my house to death. I want to dedicate time to it and show it how much I love it by cleaning it and keeping it beautiful.  Today, I cleaned out the fridge of old food and wiped it down.  There was ketchup in there from the year 2000.  Thank goodness I only eat salsa golf!

I also spent a good 2 hours scraping off a dozen stickers from my bedroom windows.  The room I live in used to be one of Laila’s twin boy’s rooms.  The room is exactly how he left it when he moved to Cordoba for college eight years ago.  The pictures on the walls, the furniture, and the stickers on the windows were left untouched.  Apparently the stickers signify something, as my friend Glenda informed me.  I just thought it was something the son did when he was in junior high because he didn’t know how to decorate his room.  Glenda told me that the stickers are from brand name clothing and shoe companies and by putting them on your walls or windows you are declaring that you have a lot of money and can afford said brands.  It’s a symbol of being stuck up, I guess.  Just like Abercrombie has a stigma attached to it for being for the rich kids because seriously, who spends $40 on a white tank top that you can see through?  I digress…

I didn’t care so much about the symbolism of these stickers but I did care about how ugly they were and how they were interrupting my beautiful stream of sunlight in the morning.  I saw that a few stickers had attempted to be removed but the mission had failed.  I took this as permission to finish the mission.  Luckily I am quite crafty when it comes to cleaning things, thanks to my mom and her brilliance and years of teaching me how to clean things properly, remove gum from my hair without cutting it, and getting stickers off of things without ruining said things.  I grabbed a damp sponge and a razor-like object that is normally used for grating cheese but will now serve as my “scraper”.  I scrapped the shit out of those windows for two hours and I still have a dozen more stickers to go and I have a pile of sticker scraps on my floor.

I went to the grocery store to buy window cleaner and paper towels to make my windows shiny and new.  While I was there I bought lettuce and cherry tomatoes for my late lunch salad.  I also bought some jazmin tealight candles to get rid of the smell of old stickers (if you can imagine what old stickers smell like. I didn’t realize they’d have a smell…).

I also washed a shit ton of dishes that were in the sink to complete my day of cleaning.  I was quite satisfied with the work that I had done.  I even took out the trash in my room and painted my toenails.

The moon is full and huge tonight and there is a folklore concert in the community stadium in the park tonight that I can hear from my bedroom window.  They set off fireworks on the other side of town, which I could also see.  I may go out tonight but if I don’t I hope there is a Sex and the City marathon on tv that I can watch.


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scraping stickers off a window would be so satisfying.

Comment by ellie

you’d think so. i mean, the end product will be well worth it but the process of getting the stickers off the windows is actually a real bitch, a big mess and hurts the hell outta my wrists! haha I do not recommend it.


Comment by admin

Oh Autumn, how nice of you to clean up before I arrive! I’m planning to come to Jujuy in early/mid-March after my family flies home from Buenos Aires and after I spend a little time in Cordoba.

Comment by Bob

How wonderful! Luckily I’ll be around then haha. I was going to go to Brazil but that is looking grim (can’t figure out how to get a visa down here). Anyway, I was actually thinking of going to Cordoba in February and maybe it would be nice to go down there at the end of February if I’m not going to Brazil so maybe we could meet up there and then go back to Jujuy together on the bus? How does that sound? Or would you rather be alone? haha I have a few friends in Cordoba so they could show us around…

Comment by admin

Yeah definitely, let’s meet up! I’ve never been to Cordoba so I’d like to know some people that live there. Sounds like deluxe good times!

Comment by Bob

schaweet. send me an email with deets of dates and the like…let’s start planning so that it is more or less set up before you get here…when do you leave leave?? email me. xo

Comment by admin

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