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Herms comes for a visit
January 23, 2009, 4:12 pm
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For about 2 months I have been keeping a secret.  This is very hard for me to do, especially since it isn’t my secret, it is someone else’s (those are always easier to spill).  Amber, my hermanita, is on her way back to NYC after a week-long visit here in Jujuy.  She made me promise not to tell anyone that she was coming, not to post it on my gchat or facebook status’s and to pretend like she wasn’t coming at all.  She wanted to surprise her family and friends here with a visit.  It wasn’t that hard for me to keep the secret because it wasn’t that juicy but as it got closer it was hard to hold it in because I was so excited, I told a few of my friends but made them swear they wouldn’t mention it again.

In November ticket prices plummeted to half price from the east coast to Buenos Aires, the cheapest of those flights were leaving from NYC for $600 round trip.  Amber and I decided that it would be a good time for her to scoop up a ticket and come for a visit even though it has not even been 5 months since she left Jujuy.  She would have only a short time before she had to go back to school in January to visit but something, even if only for a week, was better than nothing.

Of course our family was not that happy that she had decided to come back to Jujuy so soon, when she should be making money for college and focusing on school, but I couldn’t help but encourage her to come.  I mean, I am so far away from my family and I was so lonely without them for the holidays that all I selfishly could think about was having any or all of them here to see me, even if it wasn’t economically sensible.  The only person who is actually willing to visit me from my immediate family is Amber because she loves it here as much as I do.  Rachel is too busy and my mom just doesn’t want to do the long trip again if she doesn’t have to even though she would love to see me.  They are all just holding out until I decide to come home, which they don’t realize will probably not be until December (a whole 12 months from now, 16 if you count the months since I’ve arrived).

I prepared for her visit by buying a 3 pack of soap so she could have her very own new bar of soap.  I set out towels for her by the bed like it was a hotel.  I bought her a little gift and made sure my room and the house was generally presentable.  I went to the terminal and waited for her to arrive, watching the child beggars try to sell shitty sewing kits and clothespins to people in the terminal.  Those same kids often came into the cafe’s I would work at on my laptop and try to sell me that same shitty sewing kit.  I don’t really like these particular kids or feel bad for them because if you turn them down they sometimes spit at you.

A shit ton of taxis were on strike, probably for some stupid reason like they are lazy and want more money for being lazy, so they were blocking all of the entrances into the terminal so Amber’s bus had to go to some random street and I couldn’t find her.  When I finally did, we couldn’t get a cab even though there were about a hundred surrounding us, not working.  With 3 suitcases we were not about to take the bus so we walked a few blocks and managed to find a taxi that wasn’t on strike.

I had Amber all to myself for Friday night and in the morning on Saturday.  She wasn’t planning on surprising her friends and family until Saturday.  I cooked her dinner and we hung out and went through all of the wonderful things I told her to bring me from the US, like almond butter, books, bras, curtains, bedcovers and other random things.  Some of my friends came over to the house and drank with us for a while before Amber and I went to Santino to meet up with my other group of friends.  We both got quite drunk and had a jolly time dancing.  It was so good to have her there and to have her meet all of my friends.  She even let me wear her leopard print top which now has made me obsessed with animal prints.  I have added animal print sports bras to my Amazon Wish List if anyone feels so inclined to buy these for me.  i wanna look fiesty when I go to the gym.  I’m ready to lift weights like an animal.


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