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Weekend in Tilcara
February 10, 2009, 7:04 pm
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This past weekend I went to Tilcara with my good friend Glenda and her boyfriend, Jose.  We prepared food on Thursday night to bring with us so we could save money (not that I need to, but my friends here aren’t so lucky to have the exchange rate that I do).  We baked chicken for sandwiches, made chicken milanesa and ham and cheese pie.  We bought cookies and fruit and juice mix for our trip.  It was going to be a jolly good time.

We left at the buttcrack of dawn, aka 9am (I do not see this buttcrack very often).  Needless to say I slept for the entire 2 hours of the bus ride there. I missed the scenic mountain views from the bus window. I didn’t care.

When we arrived, Jose and I hung out at the bus terminal eating picadillo (a type of pate) while Glenda went searching for rooms for us to rent for the weekend.  She returned 20 minutes later with a big smile, telling us she found the perfect rooms for the perfect price: 20 pesos per night (about $7 dollars).  Glenda and Jose had a room with a double bed, my room had bunk beds and a night stand.  The walls were made of cement but I could still hear every whisper that Glenda and Jose made in the room next door.  I ended up hearing them having sex about 5 times and texted Glenda from my room in the middle of their sex romp just to be a jackass.

We spent Friday walking around Tilcara, shopping at all of the craft stands and walking into random stores.  I bought two necklaces and a bracelet that were totally cute.  We drank Terere (cold mate with juice) in the plaza and watched others go shopping.  We went back to our room, ate ham and cheese tarta and took a siesta.  I never had such a satisfying nap in my life.

Friday night we went to a bar and watched live tango and folklore music. It was so delightful.

Saturday we shopped some more and went to Pucara, ruins of an old villiage in Tilcara (with tons of cactuses and a view of the mountains to die for).  We drank more terere while atop of Pucara, staring happily at the mountains in a perfect afternoon.  For dinner we went to a bar and ate some delicious dish of potatoes and melted cheese, then had a pizza and 2 huge beers.

Sunday we went to a town 10 minutes from Tilcara called Maimara.  There was a festival there with really a really noisy sporadic parade.  People were playing instruments but not really playing the same song…it was a disaster.  We ate corn on the cob with goat cheese. It was freaking delicious but a tad bit messy.  Maimara was kind of boring but the mountains were delightful, as expected.

To see photos of my chill ass weekend, check out my flickr page.


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Ham and cheese pie!? Sounds de-lish. Why isn’t that in the States?!?

And come on Auto — texting your friend to stop nailing her bf? Weak!

Comment by Pete Eyre

i dunno. it probably is…haha

also, i’m an asshole, of course i’m gonna text my friend in the middle of sex if i can hear it! haha

Comment by admin

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