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Misha and Mishu
February 14, 2009, 4:17 pm
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Mischa and Mishu are the two cats that live in my house.  Their names apparently stand for “Kitty Kitty” like…”Here Kitty Kitty!”.  These cats are abnormally affectionate to the point where I start to wonder if they were injected with some Love Potion #9.  They follow me around the house everywhere, rubbing themselves against my leg, sometimes hopping on the counter to get closer to my upper half where they continue to rub themselves on me.  If I am far away and they can’t find me (say I am downstairs and they are upstairs), they will meow for me.  They will keep meowing until they find me and once they do they immediately cuddle up to me.  They push themselves under my arm so that I am participating in the cuddling.  Sometimes they rub their head against my laptop (this bothers the shit out of me).  Sometimes they will lick me as if to clean me and say “there you go, honey — love ya!”.  If they can’t be with me they are always cuddling together.  I have never seen such loving cats in all of my 24 years of having cat after cat as a pet.  It is the strangest thing but at least I had 2 Valentine cuddle dates tonight.


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