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Dino Eggs…the sequel
February 20, 2009, 12:48 pm
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I did it! I did it! I successfully cooked the rest of my quail eggs with minimal mistakes!  Let us relive the experience via blogpost:

I went to the grocery store and bought a little metal bowl, the perfect size to make the perfectly fried mini egg.  This bowl is obviously not meant for a stove as it is tiny, doesn’t have a handle and is probably made of some metal that would warp under intense heat, but I had a freakin’ genius plan.  I was going to set the bowl on a flat skillet so the heat would be transfered from the skillet to my little bowl.  I also bought some Mazola no-stick pan spray so the eggs would slide easily out of the bowl with zero assistance from a fork or knife.  These delicate little eggs would surely be destroyed if I tried to free them from the bowl with a utensil.  So far, plan is still a genius one in my head.  I’m feelin’ good in the checkout line.

I decide that it is best to try not to cook the multiple parts of the meal all at once.  I am not that coordinated yet when it comes to food.  First I will fry the eggs, then I will toast the baguettes.  No burning or overcooking will occur this way.

I created a system with frying my eggs.

Step 1: Mazola the shit outta my metal bowl to ensure it is a slip-n-slide for my finished eggie-poo.
Step 2: Gently crack open the tiny shell with a knife so as not to rupture the yolk.
Step 3: Put egg in bowl, sans shell bits (quite difficult).
Step 4: Put bowl on skillet, cover bowl with a makeshift cover (a metal measuring cup).
Step 5: Carefully remove bowl from skillet with oven mit and slide egg onto plate.

This system worked out perfectly! I was amazed with myself.  I did manage to drop one egg from the bowl en route to the skillet and get bit by an ant during my egg assembly line but overall it was a sweet and I didn’t even burn myself!

Next, I toasted the baguette.  I made sure to pay attention to it this time so it wouldn’t burn.  They all came out perfectly toasted and I was praying to my non-existent god that all this work would taste good in the end.

I decided to spice up my recipe with a bit of cream cheese.  I spread this delicious dairy on my baguettes before laying the eggs down.  My little platter of eggie baguettes didn’t look very professional but when I took my first bite I knew I had done well.  Cream cheese makes everything taste a billion times more delicious.

I suppose I can say that “practice makes perfect” in terms of cooking.  Oh, and having patience also helps.  Here’s one point for me in the cooking department!


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