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Manu Chao
March 2, 2009, 12:35 am
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I went to my first big concert in Argentina and it was with good company (the carter brothers and my friends in Cordoba) and of one of my favorite singers, Manu Chao.  The concert was outdoors in Cosquin, about 40 minutes outside of central Cordoba.  It was part of Cosquin Rock that basically has a bunch of rock national from Argentina.

Tickets were only 70 pesos (20 dollars).  It cost us almost the same amount to get a taxi there (150 pesos total split between 3 people) — an outrageous price to pay as we found out later (we should have only paid 70 pesos). Ya fue…

The concert was good. I got caught up in the front with the boys at the beginning and I didn’t much enjoy the shoulder-to-shoulder forced swaying. I never like that feeling that I will either be pushed over and trampled on or that a joined force is fucking up my balance and I have no control over it.  I’m so focused on staying standing that I can’t watch the actual musician.  As I made my way to the outside to regain the free movement of my limbs, I could only imagine myself as a cartoon character in a funny short film drifting like a ripple farther out into the sea. My arms pinned to my sides, my head tilted to the sky and my feet floating one inch above the grass.  If only I could animate…*sigh*.

I drank 2 giant beers and took a hit of a passing joint to honor manu chao and his positive attitude on MJ.  This put me in a happy place and I watched the whole concert away from my friends in a bubble of musical bliss.  Manu Chao had 3 encores that were at least 15 minutes each.  As much as the extra 45 minutes of jam-time rocked my drunkly-stoned brain I couldn’t help but think about how much I hate encores.  I understand that people get pumped up and EVERY musician does it but I would much prefer they just continue on with the show and end it strong, without coming back.  If I ever start a band or become famous because I coo like a sweet dove singing melodies of the 80’s and 90’s, I will NOT do encores.

It took just as much time to get back to Cordoba as the whole performance that we just finished watching.  We walked a lot, trying to find my friends from AR.  When that proved unsuccessful we tried to find a bus to take.  That also proved to be immensely difficult.  Luckily one of my friends found us and took us to the “terminal” where we could actually catch a bus.  We would have never found this so-called terminal on our own merit.

We were zombies – dead tired with sore and swollen feet from standing and walking what felt like a million miles.  I dreamed lucidly of my plastic couch-bed on the ride home.


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