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Have a nice trip, see you next fall!
March 10, 2009, 9:05 pm
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My first day back in Jujuy was a little interesting.  It started out at 10:30 in the morning when Alda, the maid almost walked into my room while I was buck naked.  Let me paint you the perfect picture here.  After I towel dry I like to air dry for a minute before re-clothing.  I am sans towel, standing in front of my dresser trying to pick out an outfit.  My dresser is on the opposite wall from my door in my sweet ass triangle shaped room.  I was basically as far away from the door as one could get.  I hear the door creek open just a tad. I thought to myself, “that damned cat is opening the door again, ready to bolt under my bed”.  I slowly start walking to the door to prevent the cat from entering when halfway through it almost swings completely open with the force of the incredible hulk.  THIS IS NO CAT I scream in my head and I gallop like a mad horse to the door in order to close it before the whole world sees my precious jewels.  Literally boobs were flying in all directions and only Alda will secretly know whether or not she saw them pinwheeling.  I don’t want to ask.  She was scared, I was scared. It was a mess as we talked nervously through the door.  I could barely look at her when I was fully clothed, about to leave the house.  What a wonderful morning surprise!

After this incident, Bobby Carter and I decide in the afternoon to take a stroll to my favorite coffee shop.  As we are descending a short set of stairs I decide to crack a mean joke, poking fun and him and WHAM! I’m flat on all fours wondering how the hell I got there in a split second.  Apparently karma wasn’t agreeing with me in that specific moment and it tripped my ass, skinning my knee and scraping up one of my nails.  Relatively little damage to the physical body, but mucho damage to my pride.  Bobby laughed as my ass crack peeked out curiously from my jeans in my cat pose on the ground.

What a day i tell you…what a friggen day.


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