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Evolutionary Fitness – a lifestyle, not a diet.
March 15, 2009, 4:51 pm
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I am  6 days into my new lifestyle and I feel better than ever.  I did what everyone always says to do and gave up eating all forms of bread.  I even stopped putting sugar in my coffee and have only indulged in 2 cups of hot chocolate on a cold night in Tilcara in these 6 days.  I am used to getting a dessert with every meal to satisfy my sweet tooth but in 6 days I have had none.  This is an incredible feat for me and I feel really good about it.

It all started when Bobby made a convincing argument for Evolutionary Fitness and why he does it.  At first I was like…sorry, no can do, but then I thought about it for a hot second and took it as a challenge.  I told him I would go breadless with him for a week and see how I felt and if I could even do it.  On day 6 I am still going strong and actually feeling different in terms of hunger pangs and how much I actually eat.  I’m a freaking convert.  I still want sweets but I figure if I don’t eat them for a while my body will grow accustomed to not having them and they will eventually be too sweet for my tastes buds (as is the case with both James, my sister’s boyfriend and Bobby).

I don’t feel like I am torturing myself because I am giving up things that are not only affecting my weight but they are affecting my day-to-day.  Before giving up bread and most sugar I would eat a lot throughout the day and freak out if I got a tiny little hunger pang and run to the fridge.  I’d feel light-headed, get a headache and feel like my body was literally shutting down.  Argentina has a culture of eating bread for breakfast with coffee.  Sometimes the bread has sugar on it which is a double no-no.  For a snack they have the same thing that they eat for breakfast — toasted baguettes.  Where is the protein?!?!  I started to get used to this way of eating because I felt like an outcast, eating my hearty, protein rich American-style breakfast while my housemate was eating toast with marmalade.  How can they sustain themselves all day long on that type of diet? No wonder they take siesta — it’s their body shutting down from lack of energy.

Also, the things that I get to eat are actually things I enjoy eating and are easy and cheap to get down here.  Big cuts of beautiful red meat, green veggies, delicious fish, chicken breast…etc.  I haven’t found it hard at all to order these things on a menu or find them in the grocery store and throw them on the grill or in a pot.  I realize that I don’t need the bread to fill me up because I reach a satisfying full with the protein-filled meals I order.  For a while I was unintentionally eating the EF way because I enjoyed eating steaks and salads so much and they were so easy to cook.

I’ve learned so much from reading the two blogs that Bobby recommended to me to get started:

I’ve become sort of a zealot with this lifestyle in these short 6 days.  I’ve already emailed my mom, little sister and a few other people to try it out or at least read about it.  I guess since I immediately started feeling the results I wanted to share it with everyone I loved who I thought could also benefit from it.

I’ll periodically update with my progress (or hopefully not, with my failure).  I don’t think I will fail because this lifestyle isn’t about punishing myself, but rather it’s about feeling better, more energetic and happier.


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