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Salta means JUMP!
March 18, 2009, 7:12 pm
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Once Alex arrived to Salta and my friend Bobby had started making his way to Rio, I knew I’d be seeing this city in a different light.  I would adapt to Alex’s way of traveling and abandon the one I adopted with Bobby.  I was worried that Alex’s army training and general appeal for sweat-inducing activities would mean that we would be climbing mountains and probably hunting pumas or something and I’m not really the “active” traveler so-to-speak.  Hiking is not one of my hobbies nor is any type of extreme water sport.  I wouldn’t be using my computer as much as I had been these past few weeks and I prepared myself by packing my mini-leatherman, just in case I needed to pull ticks off my body or defend myself against a wild boar.

When I met him at the airport and saw him emerge from the gate all my fears fell to the back of my mind.  His giant smile and warm, social presence reminded me that he was just here to have a good time, no matter what we did.  The army didn’t harden him or make him into this super mountain expeditionist salivating for the peaks.  He was more excited to meet all the Argentine’s he could, as he was impressed by the ones he had met on the plane and in Buenos Aires in his short 24 hours in the country.  Apparently his experience as a New Yorker for one short year had left his bright and bubbly spirit jarred by all of the harsh and closed off people of the city.  Argentine’s were angels to him compared to what New York had to offer and he was overjoyed and highly impressed.

We didn’t waste much time as we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed for the Teleferico of Salta.  The Teleferico is a set of cable cars that climb up the mountain Cerro San Bernardo.  The view is spectacular and the tickets are incredibly cheap ($20 pesos there and back).  The buildings on each end of the Teleferico that load the people into the cars were extremely cool with giant cranks and metal wheels of bright reds, and oranges.  I felt like I was inside a giant clock.  We roamed around the mountain and took silly pictures of ourselves.  We saw tons of giant spiders that had taken residence just above our heads along the trail.  Alex bought a postcard and then lost it.

Since I had already been in Salta for 4 days and was pretty burned out, we didn’t stay for much longer.  We made plans to head down to Cafayate to see as much of the north as we possibly could.


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