Autumn’s Adventures

March 19, 2009, 7:37 pm
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Somehow in one day Alex and I had managed to spend all of our cash.  On what? Who knows, probably booze.  When we arrived to the bus terminal that was taking us to Cafayate we literally only had enough for the cab and a little bit more for another cab ride.  The one bank ATM in the terminal didn’t accept foreign bank cards so Alex took the last of our cash and headed back into city center to take out money for the both of us.

I thought the trip to Cafayate was a short, 1 hour bus ride.  Where I got that number from I have no idea because the bus ride was actually 3.5 hours…whoops.  It wasn’t a boring ride as we were both surprised to find out that there was a beautiful quebrada view for 2/3 of the ride.  The mountains were gigantic and almost as brightly colored as those I could find in the north.  I felt so tiny in that bus against these mountains.

When we arrived to Cafayate we were bombarded by people trying to get us to stay in their hostel.  We went with the first one because it seemed legit.  The lady was nice and talked us all the way to her “super close” hostel that was probably about 7-10 blocks from town center.  The outside of the hostel looked legit and it was only 26 pesos per night.  When we got to the dorms we were staying in a giant room with 10 bunk beds.  I felt like I was back in camp.

We left the hostel and immediately went to the wine bodegas.  Cafayate is known for it’s wineries so we were set on getting good and toasted on some wine.  The first one we tried looked like a cool winery but the wine wasn’t very good.  The second place we went to was brand new and I discovered that a good wine that I tried in Salta was made in this winery.  We bought a bottle and drank it there and had a jolly good time getting semi-drunk at 5pm. (Ok in all honesty I got pretty drunk off of that one bottle).

We walked around city center until we settled on a place to eat.  When we arrived it was 8:30pm and the kitchen wasn’t all the way open yet.  We could only order a few things on the menu.  I am used to the custom of eating late here but I can’t say that I like it.  One thing that I miss about the States is the ability to get a decent meal pretty much anytime throughout the day and night.  In Argentina, it is sometimes impossible to find a place to eat after 3pm until 8pm and you are stuck eating bar food.  Most places, including bars, limit their menu in this time period so most of them only have 1-2 options, sometimes just 1.

When dinner was over we headed back to our hostel.  The sleeping experience for us was less than enjoyable as the mosquitos attacked us, the fan was too loud to keep on in the thick night’s heat and the pillow should more appropriately be called a thin rock.  I am a sucker for comfort and I don’t realize this until I am in these types of situations.

We left Cafayate heading to Jujuy on the morning bus and relished in the views of the mountains again.


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