Autumn’s Adventures

Tucuman & Rosario
March 22, 2009, 9:10 pm
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On the road again — Alex and I make a master plan to pass through Tucuman on our way to Rosario where we would take the train to Buenos Aires.  The bus from Jujuy to Tucuman was about 5-6 hours.  When we arrived in Tucuman I tried to make plans to meet up with my faux baby sis, Emi and my friend Eze for a quick hello but we only had enough to do a quick walk around the main plaza and grab a bite to eat.  Tucuman is where I learned the word for eggplant which is berenjena and i fell in love with eggplant.

From Tucuman we caught an overnight bus to Rosario.  We rented a room in this hotel that was pretty old.  I didn’t much dig it so we only stayed there for one night and then moved on to a better hotel down the street.

Our time in Rosario was quite nice.  We spent the first day walking around the city exploring and we spent the second day by renting bikes and biking along the river.  Rosario is a really nice city and I would definitely visit it again, but only for a long weekend.  I would recommend going to a all-you-can-eat buffet here as they have asado and basically anything you can think of.  It was delicious and like $10 dollars per person.

In the wee hours of the morning, approximately 4am, we woke up to catch a train from Rosario to Buenos Aires.  I didn’t think there was a train system in Argentina so I was surprised and excited to find out that there was one.  The train was something straight out of the 70’s.  Although it was a bumpy ride and it was cold as balls for most of the trip, I did enjoy it a great deal.


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