Autumn’s Adventures

Mendoza, Argentina and Chile
December 10, 2009, 2:49 am
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After draining my funds in Patagonia and adding 10 pounds to my waist (thanks, ice cream!) , I was afraid to take my planned trip to Mendoza, Santiago (Chile) and Valparaiso (Chile) on my way home to New York.  To come home with SOME money left in my account, I decided to cut my trip in half. I spent 2 days in Mendoza, 1 day in Santiago and 1/2 day in Valparaiso.  I’m not sure if that was enough time, it probably wasn’t, but I left satisfied.

In Mendoza I did a self-guided bike tour of the wineries with a dude from Boston that I met in my hostel.  I wasn’t sure how much I trusted myself on a bike while drinking copious amounts of wine but in the end I came out in one piece and I really enjoyed it, even if my crotch didn’t so much.

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