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Bonjour, France!
January 10, 2010, 6:07 pm
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After two months of laying low and resting up in New York and spending some quality time at home with the family, I am finally on the road again and living it up, international-style.

I arrived to Paris at 11am French time/5am New York time. My friend Nathalie picked me up and we drove directly to her parents house, 3.5 hours to Damelevières, Lorraine, France which is 20 minutes outside of the city of Nancy.  When we arrived to Nath’s parents house she gave me a tour and I met her mother, brother and father.  Her brother speaks English but her parents only speak a little bit of English so I am really trying to learn some basic french so I can at least talk to them on a comparable level in French.  If they are willing to make the effort with me, it is only fair that I do the same in return.  And also, not knowing a language sucks when everyone around you speaks it.

I smelled like super B.O. from my long travels so I changed my shirts and then we all headed to a restaurant called La Gavotte to eat the best crêpes in Nancy.  They are like the crêpes in Brittany, France, which are the best crêpes in France.  We drank apple cider wine with our meal because they told me that is what you drink with crêpes in Brittany.  My crêpe of choice was filled with mushrooms, bacon bits, a sunny side up egg and cheese (probably my four favorite ingredients!).  It is made with buckwheat flour that gives it the darker color and is only used for salty crêpes.  It was freaking delicious.  I also tried some of Nath’s dad’s crêpe which had cow intestine in it.  It wasn’t so bad.  For dessert I got a crêpe with butter and blackberry jam.  It was lighter and made with a different flour.  It was also delicious.

After dinner the whole family went to a small rock concert in a bar called Le Vertigo Cafe.  Nathalie’s cousin is in the band that was playing that night so the whole family came out to support him.  I really liked that about her family since I’m all about family gatherings these days. Her cousin plays the keyboard and the band was more or less experimental rock music, heavy instrumental long jam sessions.  They were good.  I met Nathalie’s friend Mimi who is an English teacher in Nancy.  She was really nice and she invited me to speak to her class in English some time this week.  We drank a lot of Stella Artois and the night ended somewhere around 1am.  I was surprised that I made it through the whole day without sleeping since I was so jet-lagged all day long.  When we got to Nathalie’s room I couldn’t wait to shut my eyes and rest my body.


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