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My first night in Paris
January 15, 2010, 2:42 pm
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We left Damelevieres in a frenzy with bags and arms flapping while we made sure we weren’t forgetting anything as we said our goodbyes.  I spotted this funny box on my way out the door and had to snap a photo of it.  As we drove out of their little town I spotted a truck with the words “Love France” printed on the side. I couldn’t help but think to myself “yes, that is exactly how I feel right now, truck. Thank you spelling it out for me.”

When we arrived to Paris we met up with Nathalie’s good friend Camille at her boyfriend’s apartment.  We were going to stay in that apartment for the next few days while Nathalie found her own apartment.  Camille wasn’t staying with us, she was just giving us the keys since she was staying at her mom’s while her boyfriend was out of town working.  When I walked into this apartment all I could think of was one word: Ikea.  It was a total mod-bachelor pad equipped with a giant flat screen TV with surround sound, all white furniture and a red bathroom containing a shower with those multiple jets that shoot out at you.  Not to mention the cool view of other Paris apartment buildings from the giant floor to ceiling windows.  I dug it and couldn’t believe I was staying in such a nice place for my first few days in Paris.  I was definitely excited to try that shower out and see what all the fuss was about.  The gods are shining down on me for sure.

When Camille left us to get settled in we decided to take a drive around to see the major monuments at night.  It was really cool to see everything lit up and to be in the crazy night traffic around the arc of triomphe.  My head was out the window like an excited dog, numbed by the zero degree wind but too happy to care.  I saw lovers walking on the sidewalk, stopping to take photos together in front of the eiffel tower.  This city really is bubbling with romance.

We drove to the Montmartre district and checked out the Moulin Rouge all lit up.  We were hungry so we parked and decided to eat at the Flunch.  I was intrigued by the name alone but once inside I knew that I made a grave mistake.  It was like the college cafeteria all over again. I asked Nathalie if Flunch stood for Fast Lunch which she replied “Yeah, that would make sense.”

Tired from the long drive we settled on the couch and watched a marathon of Season 1: My Name is Earl.  Nathalie loves their accent so she always asks me to talk like them so we can practice talking like Earl together.  I’m now naturally talking like white trash with a southern twang thanks to her.


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