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Versailles and Trannies
January 16, 2010, 3:23 pm
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Nathalie woke up early to meet with a realtor about an apartment while I slept in and enjoyed the double bed that I had all to myself.  When I woke up I took a shower in the crazy multiple jet shower.  I turned on all of the knobs and was greeted by a bajillion different tiny streams poking at me like little needles.  I quickly realized this was not going to be a harmonious relationship so I shut off the tiny jets and took a normal shower where the water comes from above.  The water pressure was intense and so amazing that it made me forget about the little prickers attacking me just seconds ago.

When Nathalie came back to the apartment she brought me a coffee eclair to try.  YUM.  After our late breakfast we decided to take a trip to the palace of Versailles.  French citizens under the age of 26 are able to get into almost every tourist attraction for free, minus the Eiffel tower.  I had to pay about 16 dollars to get in.

Audio guides were included with the ticket so I was able to listen to the history of each room, it’s purpose and quirky facts about random objects.  The coolest things about the palace were the ceilings painted with murals and gold statues in almost every room.  One huge room had the biggest fire place I had ever seen.  So cool.  I have seen some pretty amazing things on the road but I have to admit that the architecture and the history of France is so impressive.  It really tucks the US as a youthful nation into it’s cradle…

That night we drove to Camille’s mom’s house to make dinner and drink some wine before going out in Paris.  Camille was taking us to a really popular disco in Paris so we had to make sure we were dressed properly, wearing a suit jacket and a dress.  We waited outside in the cue for about 20 minutes before Camille managed to get us in somehow.  The music was house music and some pop hits from the US.  We bought one drink each and it cost me 17 euros including tip.  It was apple juice and vodka in a tiny cup that I finished in about 5 minutes.  The club was packed. We started dancing and out of the corner of my eye I saw this huge monster coming towards us.  As it got closer I realized it was a tranny-version of Lady Gaga wearing platform shoes and a string that wrapped around his body and up his butt crack, forming one giant complicated thong.  I looked around some more and saw another tranny, more dainty but still towering over the crowd in his tall shoes.  I was so into the trannies. Oh what a night!


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