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First day on the farm
June 15, 2010, 3:48 pm
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Today was our first full day on the farm and it was exactly what I had anticipated — it was awesome.  We woke up kind of late because it was pouring rain and we had stayed up late the night before.  After breakfast we put on our work clothes and headed to the stable to scoop cow poop!  I couldn’t believe that was the first thing I would be doing on the farm and I was totally ready for it with my bandana, pitchfork and mud boots.  It was the dirtiest job I’ve done in my life and I enjoyed every second of it.  But right before the poop, we let the horses out of their stable to run around for the day in the field and forest.  It was such an amazing sight to watch them run freely in a pack — really cool.

After 2 hours of poop scooping and hay laying, we had lunch.  Barbara had cut some prosciutto so I put that on an arugula salad with this amazing pesto mint paste that she had also made. It was literally heaven in my mouth.  Oh, and for breakfast I had eggs and mushroom antipasto.  mmmhmm that’s right.

Our poopy filled boots and hair and clothes needed to come off so Amber and I took showers and chilled for an hour or so before we had to go back out and round up the horses that had escaped from the field and wandered into the woods.  It was totally cool because we were walking along old train tracks and there were wild strawberries along the path as well.  The horses always congregate at the same spot, at the old train station.  So we found them there and it took about 10 minutes to get them to go in the direction that we wanted them to but they finally went.

Once the horses were in, we rounded up the sheep, fed the deer, goats and crazy looking birds and then we were done working for the day!

For dinner Barbara had prepared dough for making pizzas so everyone came together in the kitchen and made their own pizzas and we all hung out and ate pizza together and cracked jokes and had such a wonderful time.  I put antipasto on my pizza and prosciutto because I can’t get enough of it.  This family is so great!  Tomorrow if I have time I will do mini biographies of the family members since I am too tired to that now.

Until tomorrow!!!


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