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Hay ladies, Hay ladies, Hay!
June 16, 2010, 10:45 am
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It has been raining every day since we arrived and I’m beginning to think I packed all the wrong clothes.  I was expecting hot and humid weather so I packed very light weight clothes, one light sweatshirt and pretty much all tank tops.  I’m freezing my buns off and smelling quite horrid because I have to wear the same sweatshirt every day on my stinky farm body. I’m going to the open air market tomorrow to buy some warmer clothes and thank goodness it’s open air! hehe

I found out today that the meat I had been eating for lunch and dinner the past few days was ostrich meat!  Amber tried the meat today before knowing it was ostrich and she said “I really like this!” and when she found out it was ostrich she made a face and painfully finished the rest. I was so excited to be eating ostrich, of course, and I am waiting for them to say to me “Autumn, you have been an awesome volunteer so here — make an ostrich omelet!”  Can you imagine??? An ostrich egg omelet?  I know the eggs are available at whole foods but there is nothing better than watching it pop out of the ostrich’s butt and plopping it directly into the frying pan.  Ooh la la!

We started today with feeding the horses hay.  You have to make sure they move their heads away when you put the hay in their stable because if they don’t you could accidentally poke them in the eye with the pitchfork and that is the end of that horse.  I enjoyed screaming at them “eh eh eh back back back” lol.  Then I brushed and pet the baby horse for a while.

Our next task was to clean out a small storage room that was full of dirt and old random building supplies and to put a bunch of toys in there that were being stored in the outdoor wood oven where they make pizzas.  There were so many spiderwebs and the floor had about 2 inches of dirt on it but it took only about an hour to clean and organize it.  I hope we get to make wood oven pizzas now that the oven has been cleared away!

For lunch I made tomato and mozzarella salad and also had more antipasto.  It was super delish.

At around 4pm we went to the stables and laid sawdust in one of the rooms to prepare to transfer one of the horses into it.  Then we fed the horses again and even fed the ponies!  It was raining pretty hard all afternoon so I was soaking wet by the time we were finished.  Also, my rubber boots are about 5 sizes too big and have holes in them everywhere, rendering them pretty much useless…so my feet were wet and stinky as well.

Tomorrow is our first day off so Amber and I will go into town and explore.  More adventure to come soon!


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