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To Market, to market!
June 18, 2010, 9:12 am
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Today was our first day off so we decided to head into town.  We desperately needed clothes for the farm so we were on a mission to find the ugliest and cheapest clothes possible at the open air market.  We also had a long list of random items that we needed to buy for our every day use.

The market was huge and it was full of amazingly beautiful clothes that I really wanted to buy.  I had expected them to be selling some gaudy going-out wear but they had nice lightweight cotton and linen pieces that were very basic and totally my style.  I had to refrain from looking too much because I was really going to have a weak moment and spend the rest of my savings on these wonderful clothes.

To our surprise, the market didn’t have much in terms of ugly and cheap farm clothes so we only got one or two shirts and a few knitted sweaters to keep us warm.  I bought a pair of black gym shoes for 8 euros to work in that looked like soccer shoes.

After the market we headed to the grocery store to buy some toiletries and some lunch.  Everything was so expensive I wanted to just die.  We bought the cheapest liquid hand soap in the largest container to use as our body wash.  Their body lotion section was lacking and all smelled like baby poo so we bought Johnson and Johnson baby lotion.  We also scoured the place for a matchbox but found no matches anywhere in Varese.  We are getting sick of trying to light the gas stove with lighters that do not work!  Bahhh…

We had so many bags from the market and the grocery store that we decided to just go home since we didn’t want to explore like bag ladies.  On the bus home there was an old dude who had just lost or someone stole his wallet.  He freaked out on everyone in his general vicinity and even patted down a girl and searched through a woman’s bag and purse.  Then he got off in a huff, still without his wallet.  It was quite the uproar!

When we got home we took a nap and read our books about Italy.  When dinner rolled around Amber cooked up some of her special chicken and I was poppin’ cherry tomatoes like it was going outta style.  We chilled in the kitchen for a while and the whole family started to congregate there and drink tea.  We listened to them speak in Italian and we hung out for a while.  After a while everyone left but Barbara so we ended up having a nice chat with her and really started getting to know her.

She told us that she loves the UK and wanted to move back there last June but when her father became ill in May with cancer, she stayed to take care of him until he died a few months later.  After that unfortunate and sudden tragedy, she decided that she couldn’t leave her father’s dream of the farm to rot because she cared too much so she left behind her own dream of living in the UK to stay on the farm.  Damn.  She also said that is the reason why she joined Helpx — not just for the help but to meet people from around the world and to bring the UK and English speakers to her.  She wanted to make friends even if she couldn’t travel.  I really liked that about her.

She also told us about the crazy laws in Italy that prohibit self defense of any sort.  Basically, if someone comes on your property, you aren’t allowed to hit them or they could call the cops on you and get you sent to jail.  If you kill them in self defense, then you also go to jail.  The only way to get a trespasser off of your property is to call the police and wait for them to come.  This also applies to shoplifters in stores.  You are not allowed to stop a shoplifter, you can only ask them to return the goods if you think they stole them from you.  You can’t hold them there, you can only call the police but if they know the law, they can just walk out of the store without paying because you cannot touch them or keep them there.  Crazy…


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