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It’s a sheep shearing, cow molesting kinda day…
June 19, 2010, 3:38 pm
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So my day started with some heavy loads of shit…and lots of them.  Normally I scoop cow shit which is soooo smelly but not really that heavy.  Horse shit on the other hand, is not so smelly but oh so heavy!  And with about 25 horses, I was neck deep in the doo-doo today, breakin’ my back shoveling their shit from the past week.  I’m not gonna lie, I loved it.  All the sweating and heaving and stinking really makes the workout worth it all.  And I feel a sense of accomplishment — something I don’t feel when I work out at the gym.

When lunch rolled around, Barb informed me and Amber that the sheep shaving guy would be coming any minute and we should go down and watch them buzz the hair off.  “It only happens once a year!” she said.  Of course I couldn’t miss this!  So we ran down there just in time to see him starting the first sheep.  Barb’s 2 younger brothers ran around the sheep pen trying to catch the sheep.  Once they did, the shaver grabbed the sheep by the two front legs, drags it in between his legs and starts shaving it’s belly.  This guy totally has a system.  First he starts belly then works down to the balls, carefully holding the little sheep penis (or utters, if it’s a female), then he does the tooshie and the tail, and he pops back up and does the neck and face, then he flips it around and does the back in one giant fur pile.  It’s crazy, sexy, cool.  Here is a video I took of the shearing.  Barb’s nephews were visiting that day so I took a lot of cute photos with the youngest boy, Eduardo, who really took to me.  I could totally rock the farm with a baby on my hip, no?

After this awesomeness, Barb then tells me that the vet will be coming to check on the cows to see if they can be inseminated.  Of course I wanted to be there to watch this!!! So I brought my camera along and watched the vet do this for 5 minutes straight.  Ooh la la was it a sight to be seen! For the record, they won’t be ready “to be fake f*cked” as Barb calls it, for at least 12 days.

All of this excitement for the day exhausted me so Amber and I did some low-key donkey and sheep feeding before we called it quits for the night.  But before I called it quits I ran to the chicken pen and collected my first batch of eggs.  It really made my day!

I finally edited this video I took of random farm animal footage so check it out if you want.


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