Autumn’s Adventures

Damn you, Nettles!
June 22, 2010, 2:56 pm
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For some reason, Rita decided that we should wake up at the butt crack of dawn (for us this is 7:30 am) to be ready to work by 8:30 am.  It came as no surprise to us when no one was around at 8:30 to tell us what to do so we drank a coffee and waited for people to appear.  Rita finally showed up and told us to go down to the cow stables and scrape the poop, feed them hay and give them cornmeal.  I collected one egg from my chicken pen and we finished the cows in about 15 minutes.  Ale (Barb’s shy youngest brother) came down shortly after and told us to feed the other animals so we did and then just stood around for a while.  While cleaning the cow shit, I noticed this, which I found to be disgusting yet hilarious.

Barb then came around and asked us if we wanted to help cut the grass and do some gardening since Ale wasn’t giving us anything else to do.  Amber hates gardening so I took to the weeding while she mowed the lawn.  Part of the garden was really overgrown so I had to pull some huge ass weeds.  Most of the weeds are these nasty plants called nettles and when they touch your skin it feels like a million tiny needles poking you and burning your skin and it lasts for a while.  I was covered from head to toe but those awful plants still managed to touch my wrist where my glove and sweater didn’t connect.  Mind you, the weather today is 75°F and I’m working in jeans and a sweatshirt and thick plastic gardening gloves.  I was sweating some serious balls trying to avoid those nettles!

Amber ran into a snake while mowing and she screamed and froze and then turned off the mower.  It was funny.  She thought she’d be able to avoid the snakes by not gardening but I didn’t see a single snake! poor girl.

Around 12 we decided to stop for a few hours, to stay out of the hot sun at its prime and to relax.  Amber has been the little sewing machine these last days, fixing her pants, sewing the holes in my sweatshirts and then adding elastic to one of my pants.  She spent a good hour in the sun sewing and then started to feel light headed and nauseous so she took a nap.

At 4pm we were supposed to be ready to garden again but Barb had an appointment with some advertising guy that lasted until almost 6 so Amber and I hung around and waited…not knowing what to do.  When she was finally finished with her meeting she told us to go ask her brother what is left to do for the day so we did and he is so shy that he said “we will feed the horses” and he ran away for about 30 minutes.  We didn’t know which horses to feed or what to feed them and we thought he was going to get the food but every time he reappeared he had no food and said nothing to us so we stood around for a good hour and then as we were heading back to the house Rita said, “wait girls, Ale is going to feed the horses with you.” So we waited and he came back and he got the food for the horses and in the end we fed 4 horses (actually he fed 3 and I fed 1) and that was it!  It was kind of frustrating because we just didn’t see the point in us waiting if he was going to do it himself.

Today was a bid unorganized and unproductive so we are hoping tomorrow is better.  I did make a delicious mozzarella/tomato and mint pesto salad tonight though. Yum YUM!


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