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Exploring the Town of Varese
June 22, 2010, 5:42 am
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For our first day off this week we decided to go to Varese city center and do some exploring.  Rita (the mother of Barb) was going to town so she gave us a ride in the car.  First she made some pit stops at the bank and ceramics place and some other random place so we didn’t actually get to town any faster, had we decided to take the bus.  But it was ok because we were in no hurry.

Once we arrived, Robin showed us where the tourist info center was so we could get a map of the city.  Today was her last day on the farm/in Varese so she was doing her own thing and then hopping on a bus to Luxembourg.  Amber and I collected a bunch of pamphlets about the city and the events for this summer.  There are outdoor film festivals, jazz festivals and a ton of other stuff so we are going to make a wall calendar and mark off the things we hope to see while living here.  The maps we got were really shitty and had no street signs on the smaller streets so we kept getting lost on the cobblestone walkways.

There is gelato everywhere so when the time was right Amber and I decided to take a break and eat our first gelato in Italy.  I got the flavors Bacio (some type of chocolate with hazelnut) and berries and Amber got mint and chocolate.  We both decided that the berries flavor was too artificial and the mint just tasted gross.  But bacio and chocolate got two thumbs way up.  Next time I am going to get dark chocolate and maybe just plain old vanilla.

After the ice cream we walked around some more, taking photos of the buildings and the cool graffiti and decided to get some lunch.  We found this cute little trattoria or cafe that served paninis and salads.  Amber and I each got a tomato and mozzarella salad and americano coffees.  I got tuna on the side for some protein and Amber got some milanese (breaded chicken).  Overall it was delicious and only cost us 11 euros total. YUM.

To make our day complete, we took the bus to Sacro Monte, or sacred mountain, to get a great view of Varese and the neighboring towns below.  We got off at the wrong stop at first and had to wait 40 minutes for the bus to come again and bring us to the tippy top.  Once we got there we ran over to take photos and then ran back on the bus so we didn’t have to wait for 40 minutes again.  The view was nice but you couldn’t see the lakes, only the mountains, so I wasn’t that impressed.

On our way back home we ran a few errands in town and then chilled out for the rest of the night.


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