Autumn’s Adventures

Jujuy Lunfardo Dictionary

While in Argentina, I picked up lots of slang. A few words are highlighted below.

amigovio – friend with innocent benefits.  Only kissing and hand-holding.  Described as the beginning, when two friends start dating but before they become official Novios.

asado – argentine barbeque.

boludo/a – dumbass

bombachas – lady underwear, panties.

boliches – dance clubs.

Copado – cool

Chorizo – sausage

Choripan – sausage sandwich

enemigo – literally means enemy but my friends use it to refer to their ex boyfriends/lovers.

gillo – friend with benefits.

garchar – to have sex. to fuck.

gil – stupid.

hijo de puta – son of a bitch

hermanita – little sister

Keres/kres – Quieres, in the vos form with a K instead of a Q…

le metamos -let’s go forward. let’s do it quickly.

metele – faster!

mochilero/a – backpacker

onda – good mood, good feeling, good flow.  Literally means “wave”.

papito – a guy that is good looking, that you like.

salada – stupid.

tonto/a – stupid.  “que tonto” – how stupid.

versiando – flirting

versero – person who flirts

vividor – someone who makes you pay for everything all of the time.

Ya fue – it’s in the past, it has already happened. It’s over.  People say it when something they don’t like happens.

Zarpado – someone who crosses the line.  Goes overboard.  Can be used in a good way or bad way.  Most commonly used in a bad way.

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